One Space at a Time

My husband and I just got back from a little vacation.

For 7 blissful days we just rested and relaxed.

white rock

It was just what our weary bodies needed.  Some sweet, gracious friends offered their beautiful, cozy home to us while they were on a vacation, so we were able to stay right here in beautiful British Columbia and yet it felt like we were a world away!

Irwin went for long bike rides and I read books.  But each day, we went for a coffee walk ~ you know, a long walk that ends up at the local coffee shop.  The weather is still sunny and beautiful here (sorry to those of you in the thick of winter!), so we soaked it all in.


Now, since we’ve gotten home, I’ve been working on tackling our house.  It’s been sadly neglected for a year now.  Things have been piled and shoved and stuffed away until “later”.

paper mess

“later” has arrived.

sorting papers

I started a to do list on Saturday.

papers cleaned

It was 2 pages long.

tupperware drawer before

But, the good news is…

tw after 2

I got to cross some things off!!:)

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