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Christmas Home Tour

Good morning!  The next few days are busy with cooking up at the camp kitchen, so I thought I’d quickly have you over for little tour before I go up and start cooking a giant turkey dinner.  The coffee is all ready and the crackling woodstove is nice and cozy warm.  Come on in!

christmas dresser

I wrote about our entryway a few days ago.  This year, our actual presents are part of the decor.  I think it’ll make clean-up after Christmas a whole lot easier!

christmas in the dining room cover

I liked the aqua and red so much in the entryway that I put some of it in the dining room, too.

table centerpiece

The summer table centerpiece was joined by some sparkly ornaments and garland.

buffet display

dining room dresser

The little dresser in the dining room holds a few more sparkly gifts.

presents on a tray

I’ve already shown you our funny little Christmas tree in the Living Room, but here’s the rest of the room.

living room stocking corner

printable verse

I found the beautiful printable verse here.

country charlie brown tree

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  1. I am loving your red and blue decor. I use those colors in my decor, too. I love your birds, your packages, and your burlap-wrapped mason jars.

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