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The Cutest Little Ugly Christmas Tree

I just finished up the Christmas decorating at our house for this year.  {Yippee!} I must say, it was quite a wild, messy affair, but thankfully, we can walk in our house again.  Throughout the next few days, I’ll give you a little tour.    I don’t want to overload you all at once, so today, we’ll stop in at the Living Room, and you can peek at our cutest little ugly Christmas tree.

I longed for something different in the Christmas tree department.  I wasn’t looking forward to another massive tree falling over in the night or leaking water all over the floor. So, I dreamed up a new idea. I asked my husband if he could find me an itty bitty tree straight from the woods.  I think I described it as “skinny” and “Charlie Brownish”.

After a few hours of tromping in the snow, he arrived with just what I wanted.


We dug it into the garden urn filled with dirt (and tied it to the wall!), and set it up on a stump.

country charlie brown tree

I just love how it’s a little crooked and scraggly.  Imperfect.  Natural. Casual.  It has so much personality and  I do believe it is my FAVORITE Christmas tree ever.

tree decor

Last year’s ruffled garland filled in the empty holes nicely, and I was finely able to use a string of wooden beads I’ve had in my collection for years.  It’s always been way too short to use on any other tree!


tree side of the room

The bookcase is filled with ornaments and little decorations that have special meaning and bring back great memories for us.


And there you have it ~ our teeny tiny tree…with a big personality!;)

You can see last year’s “Little House on the Prairie Inspired Tree” here:

carolyn ingalls tree

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  1. Love your cute little tree! Good idea! I love your decorating style. I always look forward to seeing what you’re doing.
    We bought our first “unreal” tree this year. It was getting harder to get under the tree to water it, and taking it out and cleanup was getting to be such a chore. I tried to find a more real looking one and managed to get something not over the top expensive. I do miss the pine smell and the natural shape of a real tree. Never thought about getting a real,smaller version. All those issues wouldn’t be a problem with a little tree!

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