Small Shops I Recommend

Find the small shops I recommend for fashion & beauty items. I use and love these!

My inbox is overflowing today with Black Friday sales and alerts gallore!

I’ll admit that I’m not the best person to get advice on shopping – since I’m not a big shopper!

However, I do want to take a few minutes to share a few things I have shopped for online. These are things I  use on a regular basis, and can wholeheartedly recommend first hand.

And, bonus! they are in the “small shop” category- and I love to help promote them.


Small Shops I Recommend

This post contains affiliate links.

Get Your Pretty on Outfit Formula Course – Winter 2020 Open Today!

The Winter 2020 Outfit Formula Challenge was released today!! I’ve been a fan of these style challenges for years! If you are struggling with knowing what to buy that you will wear and love for years, this is for you!

The Capsule Wardrobe service provides you with a shopping list of recommended items for this season, plus a calendar of outfits you can put together with those outfits. It has saved me so much anxiety over choosing clothes – and is especially helpful right now when so many clothes are on crazy sales! Not only does it provide those 2 super helpful tools, it also comes with a whole bunch of perks and bonuses. Highly recommend.

Click here for details>> Winter 2020 Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge

Click here for more details about>> how the style challenges have impacted my everyday fashion life.

Alison + Aubrey Jewelry

I love to finish off an outfit with some fun jewelry. Alison from this Alison + Aubrey Jewelry company is the same lady who developed the capsule wardrobe service above! I just love the selection and price point of her jewelry, and wear some of it nearly every day. I reach for their hoop earrings most of all and I love the selection of long necklaces.

Click here>>Shop Alison + Aubrey today!

Pure Anada Cosmetics

As someone who has struggled with skin sensitivity and allergies most my life, I was thrilled to discover a makeup line that works for me! Pure Anada has a beautiful product line and their prices are so reasonable! Made here in Canada, they ship all over the world.

Click here>> The Pure Anada products I use and watch my daily beauty routine video.

Click here>>Shop Pure Anada (They’re having a SALE right now!)

Amazon Shop

Although Amazon is definitely not a small shop (tee hee!), some of you may not realize that I have a little shop front with categories of recommended products. 

Click>>Shop my Amazon Store

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  1. Thanks for your list. I think everyone should have a good list of stores that you love to use. I have several restaurants, a clothing store and, of course, shrooms-online, which I sometimes use for special goods.

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