Take me to the Beach! (Fashion Over 40 WIWW)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “What I Wore Wednesday” post around here. I’m cooking up some ideas for the future, but first I thought I’d go back in time to show you an outfit I wore on our recent trip to Georgia. Of course, it has a story…;)

If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I’m big on  travelling with only a carry on bag. I’m a little crazy about that detail, but I love the freedom to move about without having to lug around a ginormous bag wherever I go.

As we prepared for our trip to Georgia, we kept a close eye on the weather in the areas we were travelling to. Much to our surprise, we found the temperatures were almost identical to what we were experiencing at home on Vancouver Island.  Not terribly cold ~ but not  overly warm, either.

So, in an effort to pack only the items  I’d need for weather that was tending to the coolish side of things, I filled my suitcase full of jeans, and layers ~ complete with sweaters and a rain jacket. The only footwear I took along was boots – one tall pair, and one pair of booties.

All was working out just dandy in the clothing department until the day we decided to explore Savannah.

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

We woke up to a bright blue sky, sunshine…and HOT!

By the time we walked from our hotel room to the car, I knew we were going to need to solve the clothing issue quickly.

Thankfully, my husband was in the same boat as me, so we decided to start our day of exploring at the mall.

It was one of my favorite stops.:)

We ended up hitting up Old Navy and a nearby shoe store and were ready to roll.

I found a delightfully soft and comfortable t-shirt in the clearance department for $5.00 and a pair of their newly arrived shorts.  I chose a  pair of my trusty Clark flip-flops, knowing that they make my finicky feet happy. The last thing I wanted was to be fighting blisters on my feet while trying to enjoy a holiday!

We left the mall ready and rarin’ to explore this history filled town that we’d heard so much about. (You can read about what we did in Savannah here.)

As we were strolling along and perusing in pretty shops and sipping coffee, I was very comfortable in my snazzy new outfit…

By midafternoon, we sat on a bench contemplating where our next stop would be.

I had noticed a sign earlier pointing to Tybee Island. I had heard of it through The Lettered Cottage blog and had secretly wished I could go there someday.  {Layla made this beautiful E-zine of some of her cottage makeovers that I’ve read numerous times over the years.}  I never dreamed that we would one day be even remotely close.

With a few clicks on the phone, we were shocked to discover it was only 20 minutes  from the hustling and bustling activity of Savannah…

to this!!:

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com


It was beautiful and so peaceful. By then, the sun was about to set, the temperature was quickly dropping, and hardly a soul was in sight.

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

It was also a tad windy…

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

Truth be told, we were now freezing. In spite of the goosebumps, though, my husband bravely walked in so he could say he dipped his toes in the Atlantic.

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

We clicked a quick picture of one of the cottages Layla wrote about,

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

and drove back in a beautiful sunset.

Fashion Over 40 Beach edition at harbourbreezehome.com

What a delightful ending to our Georgian day.

And, as I sit here typing out the final edit of this post, I realize I’m wearing the t-shirt that I bought that day! It was a great investment and a great memory of a special day.

Fashion over 40 ~ at the beach

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