Favorite Summer Products (including the BEST SWIMSUITS EVER for Women over 40)

I don’t know what you’re weather has been like this past week, but it’s been HOT in our corner of the world.

Like, hotter than it’s ever been in the history of recording the weather on Vancouver Island!! We had multiple days in a row of over 100 degree temperatures- which is really unheard of for here where we live with the normal cool ocean breezes.

I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the things that we’ve discovered that we’ve used and loved – like the best swimsuits (ever!) for women over 40.

Summer Favorite Products – including the BEST swimsuits for women over 40

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Miracle Suit Swimsuit

I spent many, many hot Summer days at our town pool when I was growing up. Although I’m probably the least athletic person you’ve ever met, I really love to swim. 

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve started to feel a whole lot more self conscious in a swim suit, and it really took away from my love of swimming.

That all changed this week! I have put on my new Miracle Suit swimsuit every. single. day and headed with my husband to the lake for a swim in the evening.

And, you guys – I love my new suit!! I always say that finding a swimsuit that fits and feels good is a miracle and this one lives up to its name.

Here are the specifics I look for:

  • a tankini (which makes going to the bathroom much easier!;)),
  • good support and coverage in the bust
  • full coverage bottoms, and
  • something that makes me feel cute and confident

That’s not a lot to ask, is it? (tee hee)

This is the tankini top that I bought (I can’t find the exact pattern I found, but there are lots of options. Mine is black and white floral.) These bottoms look like the ones I got with mine. I also like to swim with swim shorts similar to these. I just put mine right over the top of my miraclesuit bottoms. However, they are made so you could wear them instead of the Miraclesuit bottoms. I find it nice to have a little more coverage…

I love how the top has a flowy “overtop” with a slit in the middle, with a nice full coverage underneath.

It fits well and holds everything in nicely without cutting off my circulation!!

Below are a few more options that are similar. (Click on the pictures for details.)

I found mine at  Winners here in Canada, which is a local store that is similar to TJMaxx in the US. The tankini top and bottoms were sold as a set. I can’t find any online right now that are sold as a set, but they might be found somewhere!

Swimsuit Coverup

Along with a nice swimsuit, I like to have some sort of coverup that’s easy to put on and off when travelling to and from the lake/ pool.

I found a really fun one in a local shop, but I searched for some online that are similar. Click on the images below for some options.

Best Sunscreen for sensitive skin

As I’ve mentioned before, I have super sensitive and allergy prone skin. Finding a sunscreen that worked for me & didn’t feel greasy on my skin was tricky! But, I found a favorite. It’s La Roche-Posay with 60 SPF, and it’s amazing. It’s certainly on the higher price of things, but sunburn is one thing I can control if I just use it…so I use it! I do everything humanly possible to avoid sunburn.

Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Never before in the history of ever have we considered getting an air conditioner. We just didn’t need it. But, this week it was an absolute godsend that we were able to borrow a portable window air conditioner like this.

I seriously don’t know how we would have managed without it. (Maybe staying in the lake all day??)

It isn’t big enough to cool off our whole house, but it worked amazingly well to cool off our bedroom. So, at least we could sleep!

All the air conditioners in ALL the stores on Vancouver Island were sold out this week, so we were beyond grateful for this loan…and we need to get one purchased for ourselves ASAP!

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I’ve put all the swimsuits and coverups together in the images below. Click the arrows on the left and right to scroll through them all, and click on any image you want further information on. Hope that helps!

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