The 10 Item Summer Wardrobe

I was completely inspired and intrigued by this Ted talk on the 10 Piece Wardrobe by Jennifer L. Scott. In it, Jennifer explains how she learned from her time in France that many beautifully styled people have a basic 10 item wardrobe. Each item is carefully chosen and can be mixed to form unique outfits.

I loved that concept, and set out to see if I could possibly do something similar.

To begin the process, I first tried on every. item. in my closet. Although exhausting, it helped me to discover items I already owned that fit, were comfortable, and versatile enough to be included as one of the 10.

(I also ended up with a bag of clothes to be donated!)

Once I knew what staples I had to work with, I purchased a few key pieces.

Casual Summer Outfits

Here is my 10 item casual Summer wardrobe:

(1) Black Capri Pants (2) Floral Top

Casual Summer Outfits

I love how this top is a comfortable t-shirt material, but it has fun and interesting detailing at the top.

Casual Summer Outfits

(3)Denim Skirt (4) Olive colored Cold Shoulder Shirt

Casual Summer Outfits

(5) Navy Bermuda Shorts (6) Elephant Print t-shirt

Casual Summer Outfits

(7)Orange print tank  (9)Orange ruffle t-shirt (9)Olive Shorts (10) Red Striped tank:

Casual Summer Outfits

Each of the pieces can mix and match together so that lots of outfits can be put together that seem different.

Casual Summer Outfits

Adding different jewelry can also switch things up a bit.

Having this mix and match system has come in very handy as I pack up to head on vacation. These 10 pieces are what’s in my suitcase!

This is what I consider my casual wardrobe and work wear is a different category. However, I used a similar process for that. I don’t know if the french literally have only 10 pieces…but I needed a few more!;)

(PS. I’d be happy to share details of the specifics of the clothes if you’re interested. The new purchases I made this year (the black capris, floral top, and cold shoulder t-shirt) were all from Winners here in Canada except the elephant print t that is from Mark’s Workwear World.)


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