Garage Organization Progress

I’ve never introduced you to our garage before.

Today’s the day.

Since our home doesn’t have a basement or crawl space, the garage is a very hardworking space.

It’s also been a hot. mess.

It became the dumping ground for absolutely everything that we couldn’t find room for elsewhere in the house. ~

Things like Christmas decorations, cleaning supplies, decor, chairs, tools, paint brushes, scooters, Rubbermaid totes,

the freezer, coolers, end tables, old windows, stencils, and a Singer sewing machine.

I used to wonder why people in town rarely park their cars in the garage. I totally get it now.

Despite the layers and layers of rugs I put on the floor, this room was very cold all winter. Every now and then, I’d bundle up and try to organize things a bit, but I’d soon get discouraged and put the job on hold again.

But, this weekend, we threw the door open wide and tackled this job good and proper.

Although it’s not a designer garage by any stretch of the imagination, I’m pretty happy with the progress we’ve made.

I can now get the chicken out of the freezer without stubbing my toe on a chair~

and all the tools are lined up on the same wall.

We’re working on some more big plans to make this space function even better.

But, for now, I’m thrilled to see the floor!


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