Do you ever just wanna give up?

The last few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of strolling down memory lane ~ all thanks to Facebook! It reminded me that one year ago, I got to celebrate my sweet Mamma’s birthday with her and sing with my siblings the lullaby that she rocked us to sleep to.  Reading my own post about it made me cry like a baby. I wanna go hug her neck now.

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It also reminded me of our dream come true trip to Hawaii, which happened 3 years ago this week. Other than the terrifying experience (of my own doing!) with my passport, the memories are all sweet.

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While I was already strolling down memory lane, I decided to wander down a few more paths… I laughed as I remembered the night we ripped out some cupboards on a whim and kicked our kitchen reno into high gear!

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My feet throbbed as I read the 30 day series on cooking for a crowd, and was convicted that I really must get myself to that exercise class again. After all, I paid for 15 sessions and I’ve only used up one. (I clearly still have exercise motivation issues.)

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(This Butter Chicken dinner is still a favorite of my husband’s…)

I don’t often look at my own blog for so long, but I’ve been doing lots of pondering lately. I’ve been at this blogging thing for quite a few years now. I’ve blogged and studied and designed and worked very hard at it. At the same time, I’ve watched other bloggers start and grow their own blogs to be prettier and bigger and better and more well read in so much less time…

And then write viral articles like “How to get a 6 figure income with your blog in under 1 year”.



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I’ve started to ask myself questions like “What is really the purpose of this blog?” “Who am I writing it for?” “Why am I writing it?”

Hard questions.

I was stuck. I really didn’t want to quit, but I didn’t know where to go from here.

So, after much thought and contemplation, I bit the bullet…

and called in for some professional help.

I found 2 lovely Christian ladies through references online who specialize in blog design, and helping Christians “turn their God-sized dreams into reality”. (I’ll be telling you more about this later.)

I must say, after only 2 short 30 minute conversations, I walked away feeling so very excited about the possibilities ahead…

(and, yes, slightly terrified!)

So, I have a packet of “homework” I’m working through. Some of it’s pretty deep and makes my head hurt. But, it’s a good process, and I’m excited to see what comes of all of this.


So, what are you struggling with these days? Do you just wanna “give up” on something? Maybe you, too, should call someone and get a little help…

and in the process, you might find out something that I did.

When you share your struggles with someone else, the burden gets lighter…

and you just may gain a new friend or two…






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  1. Oh! I’m so glad you’re sticking around cause I love your blog!! I’m sure your new advice will benefit your blog.
    Big hugs from your virtual friend.

  2. Rita, please don’t give up, I love your blog so much, and it always encourages me.

    I know you are in an inbetween stage in your lives, but God will see you thru it all!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Rita Joy,

    I’m a subscriber…very much enjoy your blog, but this is the first time I’ve left a comment.

    Eager to see what comes of your ponderings. Almost sounds like a “life coach” sort of thing. i think I could use that, too….and my husband. Does he retire? Do we stay in our house, or move? What is our next step in life? etc, etc, etc.!!!!!

    On another note, I really like your name…Rita Joy. My sister’s name was Joyce. When she died, my brother-in-law put “God’s joyful saint” on her headstone. I think Joyce would have preferred “God’s joyful servant!”

    Best wishes to you! You are in an exciting place!

  4. Sounds like is a growing point for you, usually when we aren’t sure what we are doing in our lives or what to do is very natural growing point. Our perspectives change, we change how we look at things, this time you’re in is good and challenging perhaps.
    Can remember at turning 50 (am almost 76) so many thoughts I had about life I was questioning, why do I feel that way, what can I do to understand myself better, do I need to change how I handle situations. Be true to yourself and the answers to your questions will come.
    I envy you your relationship with your Mother. I tried for many years but just never got one I hoped for with mine, it was always about her wanting me to be somebody I’d never be and she didn’t like women. As I matured seems was everything she didn’t like. So I made sure we lived somewhere away from her. Called her, took care of her any way I could. Being myself was one of things that transpired during my growing period, or should say one of growing periods. Wasn’t how I wanted things to be with her but had to realize it was only way to keep peace. Didn’t want to hurt Mom but had to be firm on many aspects of our relationship.
    You have God in your life and your faith, they help us get thru these times of struggling. Forgive me if I’ve offered unwanted counsel. Be happy and follow your heart. Enjoy rest of week

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