Thrifty Style : Swing Dress

Last Summer, a friend introduced me to a local clothing thrift store. It’s actually a consignment store with a curated collection of gently used clothing items. It’s arranged nicely with outfit styling, accessories, and shoes.

thrift store style : Swing Dress

On that particular day, I was hunting for a dress for an upcoming wedding. This swing dress was my “find” that day.

thrift store style : Swing Dress

However, I never ended up wearing it. I was on the fence over the “drapey” feature in the front .

thrift store style : Swing Dress

I couldn’t decide it if was stylish or a bit strange. So, it’s been hanging in my closet (and survived a few major closet purges) unworn since last year.

thrift store style : Swing Dress

But, the other day, the sun was shining  bright and I was headed out for lunch with a friend.

thrift store style : Swing Dress

I was looking for something cool & comfortable that would fit in at a casual/ beautiful restaurant with an ocean view.

I pulled this out of the closet and decided to take it for a test run.

The verdict? It worked great. (I even sat on the patio and introduced my snowy white legs to the sun again!)

So, here’s my question for you ~ Do you like to shop for clothes in consignment or thrift stores? I haven’t done it much, but I think I might venture there a little more often…Do you have any tips for me?

thrift store style : Swing Dress

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  1. All the time, have for years and many friends do as well. Half the the fun is you never know what you may find, then there is the price, love it. NO hints at the moment…………..great dress.

  2. You look great, Rita!
    Yes, there has been “seasons” in my life where I shopped thrift/consignment stores. What I love about shopping there is you never know what you’ll find! I always have an idea of what I’m looking for, but unexpectedly “find the find”. I have donated a lot of clothes to the thrift store, but never to the consignment shop. I would like to know more about that.

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