5 Minute Fix: Bathroom Decor

I realize I’ve never really shown you our bathroom here on the blog. So, today, let me introduce you to our bathroom:

Quick & easy bathroom decor

Ta Da!

I’ve been plotting and planning how to spiff it up in the future, but for now, I needed a quick 5 minute decor fix. After all, company was about to arrive!:)

Here are 4 ways to give it a bathroom the 5 minute decor fix!

  1. Close the shower curtain. (No one wants to see needs to know if you cleaned your tub recently…)

Quick & easy bathroom decor

2. Hang towels above the toilet on the weirdly placed towel rack ~ even though they’ll never be used. (Am I the only one grossed out by a towel bar above the toilet?)

Quick & easy bathroom decor

3. Grab a decorative tray ~ this one is silver, but a wooden one would work, too ~ and fill it with flowers, a candle, and a mason jar filled with bath salts.

Quick & easy bathroom decor

4. Place a bucket of fake greenery on the toilet lid for interest.

Voila! 5 minutes and you’ve just perked up your bathroom decor!

…and just in time! There’s the doorbell.;)

5 minute Bathroom Decor

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