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Spring Living Room Tour with 6 Free Yellow Rose Botanical Printables

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A Spring living room tour features a gallery wall displaying 6 free yellow rose botanical printables. 

I’ve declared yellow to be my color of the year.

It does my heart good right now.

I chose it as an accent color when I planned my Spring Dining Room, Spring centerpiece and Easter tablescape. I even made a big watercolor printable with yellow roses to go with that theme.

But, as time has marched on and things changed overnight in the world, the color yellow became even more special to me. I decided to continue with the theme and search for new set of botanical printables with yellow as the feature color.

The Yellow Rose Botanical Printable Gallery Wall in the Living Room

What does a yellow rose symbolize?

I quickly googled that sentence and was thrilled with the answer. It said:

“The symbol of a yellow rose represents friendship, joy and caring. These beautiful sun-colored roses can also convey warmth, delight, gladness and affection, as well as say good luck, welcome back, and remember me.”

I just love that. Yellow makes me think of sunshine,



and laughter.

It’s a glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot Summer day and little baby giggles.

Splashes of yellow in Spring decor can add a punch of “happy” on dreary days.

I added in splashes of yellow joy all throughout our living room and Dining room this year.

I tried to balance out the amount of neutral color with the sunny yellow so it doesn’t become too bold and circus-like. (Although…would that even be bad??)

A Set of 6 Yellow Rose Botanical Prints are part of a gallery wall above the couch

Each season, I love to change up the printable art in the gallery wall arrangement above the couch. The basic arrangement stays the same, but changing out the pictures can make it look totally different.

You can see the differences with these potted plant printables from last year and this set of pink, rose, & blue botanicals that I just removed.

An original art print and some painted shutters on the sides help fill out the arrangement.

You can print off your own set of Yellow Rose Botanical art prints for FREE!

Would you like to decorate with these pretty yellow rose botanicals, too? Well, you can!:) Just go to the free printables library and enter your VIP password to enter. Then, click the instructions for this specific set of free printables.

If you aren’t a VIP newsletter subscriber, yet, you can be! Click here or the button below and join now to get instant access to the entire collection of printable art and resources.

Adding bits of yellow decor in the bookshelves help balance out the look

To help everything feel more cohesive and balanced, I switched out some of the darker, heavier feeling items in my built in look Ikea bookcases.

Adding in yellow helps to balance out the yellow gallery wall arrangement acr0ss the room..

For more tips on styling bookcases you might want to check out these posts:

Freshen up your space for Spring using things you already have

It’s amazing how freshening up our rooms and spaces in our home affect our outlook on life. 

If you don’t have money to spend on lots of new decor, don’t worry! There are well over 100 affordable ways to decorate. Just rearranging, organizing, cleaning, and shopping your own house can make a world of difference.

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Looking for more botanical art? Here are over 100 botanical printables in sets!


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