Easy Tricks for How to Decorate a Farmhouse Bookcase

Take your cues from the queen of shelf styling herself and copy the Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse bookcase look. With these 3 simple tips, you will up your #shelfie game in no time!

Get the Joanna Gaines’ Farmhouse Bookcase Look in 3 Easy Steps

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A farmhouse bookshelf that is styled with farmhouse bookshelf decor
This farmhouse bookcase shows the amazing shelf styling talent of Joanna Gaines – the Queen of farmhouse style herself!

Photo Credit: HGTV

1. Gather Supplies for your farmhouse bookcases

Before you can begin styling your bookcases, you first need to gather together a selection of decor items. The most important factor to consider when choosing these items is to gather things that you love. After all, this exercise is to inject your personal style into a space.

If you love the farmhouse style similar to Joanna Gaines (and me!) here are some ideas you might like to consider:

**Links for Amazon.ca for Canadians:  faux greenery;  white pitchers;   wicker basket;   vintage art prints;   tobacco basket

Once you have a selection of items gathered in various sizes and textures, empty out your bookcases completely and start styling.

2. Start with tall items first and place in a zig-zag pattern

Ikea Billy Bookcase with farmhouse bookshelf decor in it

In this particular example, the top shelf is grounded with a large, central display.

Once I began the other shelf styling, I layered my tallest items first. If height is a problem, trying stacking things on boxes, or layering a tall items behind.

3. Add in vintage books for a Joanna Gaines bookshelf feature

White Ikea bookcase with stacks of old books and farmhouse decor

Old books are – hands down- my most frequently reached for decor items. Put books in backwards to make the overall color more neutral. They can also be stacked or piled. Old books always add great character for the farmhouse bookcase look, and help elevate small items.

4. Finish off with greenery and “littles”

Faux greenery in a variety of pots staggered on shelves of an Ikea Billy Bookcase to add to farmhouse bookshelf decor

Greenery adds a vibrant pop of life to the neutral tones of farmhouse style. You can use real plants, faux plants, or a mixture of the two.  This and this are some of my favorites.

small pot of fake greenery beside an old antique pitcher for a farmhouse bookshelf decor idea

Like the other 2 steps, add greenery in in a zig-zag pattern as well. There is something about that zig-zag formula that makes the overall look more pleasant to the eye ~ and orderly, not messy!

A few more farmhouse bookcase styling tips and ideas

Galvanized metal tray leaning up in the back of a Billy Bookcase with a plant in front of it - a farmhouse bookshelf decor idea
  • As you work in a zig zag pattern, it is also helpful to have similar textures and colors of the zig- zagged items ~ like the 3 black items in the picture above.
  • A good design rule of thumb is to place arrangements in odd numbered groupings ~ like the 3 brass bells.
3 brass bells
  • Use bookcase styling as a way to add in seasonal decor touches. Adding in seasonal foliage or fresh flower arrangements is a simple way to do that.
Modern Farmhouse Bookshelf decor in an ikea billy bookcase unit

Although I don’t actually live in a farmhouse, this farmhouse styled billy bookcase adds the character into our builder basic townhouse that I love.

If you are looking for other helpful articles on farmhouse styling and Joanna Gaines’ inspired projects, you may want to check out these:

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