Open Kitchen Cupboards Inspiration

A friend of mine just made a bold decor move.  She removed all the doors on her upper cupboards and painted them a beautiful white color.  I cheered her on in that big decision.

Then, I was honored when she asked if I’d come help her get them all styled and organized.  {It was so much fun!}

I’ve been studying open kitchen cupboards for years now.  Long before I actually bit the bullet and did it myself, I spent lots of time pouring over pictures of other kitchens with open shelves.

I love to see how people style the shelves to make it a unique and personal look.  Here’s a round up of some of my current favorites:

Source: bhg.com via Rita on Pinterest










And in my search for  open kitchen cupboard displays, I discovered this kitchen window idea:

Source: lampsplus.com via Rita on Pinterest


Isn’t it cute and cozy?

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  1. I dunno, Rita. What do you do with all the plates and glasses and bowls that don’t match the decor? I have an overabundance of such not really beautiful but very useful stuff. Don’t even know of I could find enough decorative things to fill an open cupboard! I love the look of yours though. Good for you.

  2. I love the lampsplus and cotedetexas particularly as I love vintage style decorating. But I’m just too lazy to deal with the constant cleaning I hear you have to do with open shelving.Especially since I don’t have a range hood. The few things I have up on top of my cupboards get very grimy after 6 mos. But I sure can appreciate it in others kitchens.
    Love your new format. Great job,Rita!

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