Quick & Easy Boho Fall Table Decorations

Boho meets farmhouse chic with these quick and easy Boho Fall table decorations -ideas for Fall.

Pops of cozy color always seems appropriate for Fall.  Combining color with the easy going feeling of boho decor, I’ve decorated a Boho Dining Room  and used Boho Art above the living room couch!

Today I’ve put together a quick and easy tablescape using boho farmhouse table decortaions & style of decor.

Come on in and I’ll show you around!

Put together a quick & easy Fall table using these decor ideas- Boho Style!

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Mix up colors and patterns to create a carefree and colorful boho Fall table.

boho style table setting with a faux pumpkin sitting on a green floral napkin on a white plate

Rather than go for my traditional blue Fall decor, I decided to mix together a happy orange check, green print floral, black stripes, and a modern print runner – all on top of a simple white tablecloth. 

One of the characteristics of boho style decor is that it isn’t “matchy matchy”. Put together colors and prints that make you smile!

Use something long and narrow as a Fall table centerpiece base.

Dining room table set in a Fall decor scheme with faux pumpkins, live plants, orange checked napkins, and floral green napkins.

An old shutter from a thrift store was repurposed to become the base of this fall table centerpiece. Sanding it down and staining it the color “Jacobean” made the grain pop, and provides contrast to the light colored tablecloth and runner.

Use houseplant babies, fresh flowers, or tree branches as the focal point of a Fall table centerpiece.

boho style Fall centerpiece with 2 houseplants and small faux pumpkins stacked beside them

I’ve recently become a houseplant mom and have a growing collection of them in planter stands around the house. I pulled this one from a shelf with its faux cement tin can planter, and it worked perfectly on the table. Adding in some ornamental pumpkins and gourds gave it a more Fall feel, but could easily be replaced with something more neutral.

If you don’t have any houseplants, look outside for branches that you could bring in for a vase with natural elements.

Re-purpose items that you already own to set a seasonal table that is fun & festive

Table set in fall colors in a dining room with the open concept living room in the background

Although it would be fun to go out and buy new decor every season, it’s not always in the budget. Use your creativity to mix items you already have in a way you’ve never done before. You’ll be surprised how fresh and new it feels!

Invest in classic table setting pieces

Most of the items used for this Fall table were things I’ve had for years! The white Crate & Barrel plates certainly stand the test of time, as they are in EVERY table setting I do!;) A classic white tablecloth and neutral placemats like these or these also pair well with so many farmhouse and boho looks. 

I’ve put together a list of timeless table setting pieces in my Amazon shop here.

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  1. Love you boho style fall table! Repurposing an old shutter for the base of your table centerpiece is such a great idea. I really like the Jacobean stain that you used and how you styled the shutter for fall with pumpkins, gourds, and plants. It’s always a pleasure to visit with your at Harbour Breeze Home!

  2. Rita, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of using houseplants as a centerpiece. Genius idea and I have a whole dining room full of them. You boho table decor is very warm with just the right amount of color and maybe also something a little different that I know everyone will enjoy.

    1. I’ve just started my houseplant collection, and I’m having so much fun with them! They seem to be perfect in so many places! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Rita Joy, your tablescape is as happy as your name! One of my daughters planted a fall garden that will soon be ready to harvest little gourds, Indian corn, and a variety of pumpkin sizes and colors. On the table some shall go!

  4. I love your Boho style! Using the shutter for the base on the table was genius. I love how it looks with the plants. I have a black thumb so I am so envious of your skills!

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy. I’ve just started my plant journey, and discovered I love it! So far so good…but I have a good share of fake plants, too!;) (Shhhh…don’t tell! ha ha!)

  5. Your boho fall table is so pretty with the seasonal colors and that festive centerpiece! I agree with you on the white plates…you can’t go wrong with classic pieces. Great hopping with you again!

  6. It’s such fun seeing you add boho touches to your home… you might even say just a wee bit of mid-century modern! So lovely, Rita! Pinned!

  7. It’s so nice to visit your blog.
    Boho is my favorite look right now. You have captured it in every aspect. From the colors, textures and your creative ideas. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to create more boho ideas.

  8. Hi Rita Joy, I love your boho tablescape! I have a lot of aloe babies that I need to transplant to bigger pots before it gets cold. Now I know where I’m going to place them! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  9. Rita, such a fun and eclectic fall tablescape! I love the warm wood colors and the fact that you used things you already own. It’s great when you can decorate on a budget. Happy Fall!

  10. Its best wandering of the day.
    I read you post entirely, you captured all the aspect in a nice manar.
    Am going to apply this also .
    thank you so much for sharing this with us .

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