Attic Room Makeover–The Before

Yesterday I mentioned we’d just started our first project of the year.

Today, I need to explain what it is.  {I just couldn’t help throwing out a little “teaser” to add to the suspense!}

The room we’re working on is what used to be our oldest son’s bedroom.  He moved to another province last July, and in fact, today is his 20th birthday.  (Happy Birthday, Brad!)  When he was home for Christmas he gave his blessing for us to do whatever we wanted with the room.

There is nothing more motivating to me than hearing something like that!

He put “dibs” on this room the minute we moved into this house.  I think the window looking out to the ocean sealed the deal for him.  He always kept watch over the jumping fish and rascally racoons…

attic room doorway before

The room was a mix of sponge painted drywall and dark-stained fir boards.  When it was “his” room, he emphatically told us that he loved it just. the. way. it. was.

low wall before

He was especially fond of the dark wooden boards…

built-ins wall before

And wondered why anyone would ever want to paint them.

door wall before

But, deep down in his heart, he knew that’s what we’d do.

rolling on primer

Yep.  There’s no turning back now!

floor before

And, Brad, I thought of you often as I spent 2 hours vacuuming and scrubbing this floor.  I do believe I should have gotten danger pay for all the darts I found.  And the floor boards were far enough apart that air soft pellets nestled in nicely…

In fact, the darts I found came in handy while digging them out!Winking smile

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  1. I can understand painting. All that wood has to be really dark but surely you are saving some of it. It’s so pretty!

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