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My 10 Favorite Painting Supplies

For those of you who are bloggers, you’ll understand my dilemma.  The other day, I announced that I was starting an attic room redo project.  It chronicled the best “before” pictures I could muster in such a teeny tiny space.

Since then, I’ve worked like an absolute crazed maniac.

I’m exhausted.  Muscles I didn’t even know I had are screaming at me.  But, it. is. finished!! {Ya Hoo!!}

Here’s where my dilemma comes in.  Although I can’t wait to show you how it looks now, I just need to take some time to talk about the big ol’ process.  I always feel that I’m being slightly deceitful when I write things about happenings that didn’t happen on that exact day.

So, please know from the outset, the majority of the work in this room happened in 3 days.   But, I’m going to take my sweet time telling this story.  {Cause that’s what we bloggers like to do!Smile}

Today I’m going to give you a peak at some of the mess that has been cluttering up the entire floor of our upstairs landing my favourite painting supplies.

favorite painting supplies

1.  Painter’s Drop Cloth :  {Never EVER substitute an old sheet when your drop cloth isn’t available.  I have a horror story about that mistake.}

2.  Foam Rollers:  They “squish” into old boards nicely.

3.  Roller Handle

4.  Plastic Wrap:  If you need to stop painting to go have coffee with friends, you can wrap up your brush and roller tightly in this and your paint won’t dry out.  This only works for a short time, though (like up to 1 day).  {I have been know to pop a wrapped brush in the freezer if I know I want to use it later.  Thaw and use…But, again, it doesn’t work indefinitely.}

5.  A good paint brush.  Washed out well and properly after each use, a good paintbrush will last a long time.

6.  Mary Kay’s Satin Hands Exfoliant Scrub.  This is amazing for getting all those paint splatters off your hands…and it smells nice, too!

7.  Cottage Cheese containers.  I use these to pour small amounts of paint in when I’m doing brush work.  It’s easier to carry around than a heavy bucket.  I also use them to store small leftover amounts of paint.  {I label what the paint is on the lid.}

8.  Paint tray and liners.  I like those liners.  Then when I have more than one paint on the go, I can keep rolling.  {My husband disagrees.  He hates paint tray liners!}

9.  Step ladder.  I’m short.  There is no way I can paint without a step ladder.  Most of the time I’m on the third step.  When I’m cutting in, I like to be eye level with what I’m doing.

10.  A long handle to  attach to the roller.  Again, I’m short.Smile I use whatever I can to make the job easier!

There you have it.  Of course, after I took the picture, I thought of a few other things ~ like a cleaning cloth 1/2 wet and 1/2 dry.  That way I can wipe up (and dry) off spills right away.  I usually end up with about 5 lying around.

I don’t know about you, but DIYing is a messy process around here!!

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  1. Because I’m lazy when it comes to cleaning up for the day, like I have to do another coat the next day, I make sure that there’s no paint left in the tray or on the roller. Instead of cleaning them I just lay the roller ,and paintbrush if using,in the tray. I grab a kitchen garbage bag, place the tray in there and close up the bag securely so no air will get in. The next day, the tray and roller are still moist with residual paint and I can continue painting. Works just as good, if you have to leave your painting for a bit, and there’s paint in the tray. Just carefully lay your painting tools in and secure.

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