My Sister’s Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Yesterday I shared how my sister and I set out to make over her kitchen in just 7 days.

In case you missed it, here’s what it looked like before:

It’s a lovely traditional style kitchen with cherry cabinets and the Dining Room off to one end.

There’s a closet on the far side of the fridge, and the double door closet you see is the hidden laundry area.

This pull up counter is used frequently by everyone in the family ~ a perfect spot to eat breakfast or drink coffee.

The organizational part of the makeover resulted in the elimination of many un-necessary items in Becky’s kitchen ~ freeing up space for other features.

See that little narrow cabinet to the right side of the window? It only held a few items that they used regularly (like coffee filters). So, down it came… And up went a few coats of Whitetail paint by Sherwin Williams. (So long, purple sponge paint!)

We hung up two shelving units instead of the unused cupboard, and it became a usable (and pretty!) coffee bar space.

We picked them up at Hobby Lobby on the day that all their shelves were half price!

They were just the touch of character and texture we were looking for.

The Dining Room area got its first makeover when we removed one of the bulky china hutches. That change opened up the whole space and made it appear much larger.

Painting the peak wall Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams gave the neutral space a pop of classy color.

Adding white panels of curtains that were 96 inches long made the space feel taller & more elegant.

A large clock (also from Hobby Lobby) adds interest, texture, and warmth to the white wall.

Getting rid of outdated things like placemats and towels made room for some pretty new things ~ like these square burlap placemats and mason jar flower vases from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

The printed rug from Walmart grounds the Dining Room space and adds a ton of character.

It was so much fun to be a part of this Kitchen Makeover!…

The whole story isn’t quite complete, though…

My sister and I were on a Facetime call for an hour yesterday talking about countertops and tiles!!;)

I feel there may be an update to this story someday…

But until then, I’ll leave you with some side by side before & afters:

Kitchen Makeover Reveal


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  1. Nice make over. I happen to be in the middle of it with ours. We have to re do our counter tops, and fix up our cabinets. Seems like the big stuff takes for ever. Nice thing is our range hood, floor, and ceiling fan are in. Can’t wait till it’s more of the paint, curtains, and organizing. 😉

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