10 Clever Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for Awesome Organization

Is your counter space and storage challenging in your tiny kitchen? After dramatically downsizing our home & kitchen, I searched for small kitchen storage ideas to make the most out of every inch.

Here are some of the best clever and sneaky solutions I discovered.

Picture of under the kitchen sink cupboard with organized baskets full of cleaning supplies.

Small Kitchen Ideas for Storage

Maximize storage space with these clever ideas for cupboards and shelves:

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1.Corral a toppling tower of baking sheets with a vertical organizer.

This is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve stumbled across. Do you know what that metal rack is? ~ An office envelope paper sorter!

baking-sheet-organization from 221
Store baking sheets upright in a cupboard with the help of a large envelope storage rack!

{source: two twenty one}

2.Install slide out shelves for ease of use.

DIY shelves with pull out sliders are a wonderful and efficient way to utilize space. We, in fact, used this idea and installed something similar to turn a cupboard into a pantry!

It works so well, and we no longer have to stand on our head to find the ketchup.;)

These diy slide out shelves are a practical and helpful kitchen storage feature.

Source: The Navage Patch

3. Hang a towel bar on the side of a cupboard.

By adding small “s” hooks, this organization solution does double duty and can hang far more than just towels!

towel bar
Add “s” hooks to a standard towel bar so you can hang more than just towels!

{Source; Design, Dining, & Diapers}

4. Maximize dead space above the cupboards by adding scale appropriate storage containers.

These rustic wooden bins fit in perfectly with this modern farmhouse kitchen design. They are both pretty and practical.

Make use of the dead space above the cupboards by using pretty baskets and bins for storage.

Source: Taryn Whiteaker

5. Utilize narrow spaces for creative solutions.

Clever kitchen designs can turn even the smallest space into something useful. This slide out unit is the perfect place to hang towels and store beside the sink cleaning supplies.

narrow storage
Clever kitchen design can make use of the most narrow of spaces!


5. Make the most of the height of your cupboard shelves by layering in extra shelves, bins, and hooks.

Mug hooks, small containers with lids, and a metal plate rack help make this narrow beverage center cupboard function so well.

coffee cups
Adding mug hooks, metal plate shelves, and stack-able containers can take your kitchen storage space to a whole new level.

Source: House Beautiful

6. Organize cleaning supplies in baskets under the kitchen sink.

I’m not going to lie. Under the sink is my least favorite cabinet in the kitchen. But, the girls at Classy Clutter inspired me to look at it as a place that could be clean, pretty and useful!

Under the kitchen sink can be a perfect storage spot for assorted non-food items.

Source: Classy Clutter

Create clever kitchen storage that also doubles as decor!

Don’t underestimate the power of having pretty containers that are also practical, too. Here are some ideas for decor that doubles as storage, too.

1.Store often-used utensils in pretty containers on the counter.

I just love this DIY utensil caddy that Craftberry Bush made!

This DIY utensil caddy is a pretty decor feature as well as practical.

Source: Craftberry Bush

2. Open shelving is a great opportunity for a drink station with pretty storage containers.

Pretty jars and baskets can hold coffee, tea, and hot chocolate mix. The shelves can also be the perfect place to put your well used and loved mugs out on display.

Sometimes the best kitchen storage space is right out in the open! These open shelves make a perfect coffee station.

Source: Happy Happy Nester

We removed a cupboard in our tiny kitchen and made an open shelf coffee station. It makes the kitchen seem larger!

3. Use clever storage solutions that are designed to be hung on the wall.

A hanging caddy on a rail makes a great use of the space above the countertop.

Don’t forget about kitchen storage on the wall! This unit makes great use of space.

Source: Harbour Breeze Home

So there you have it! – 10 clever storage ideas for the kitchen.

Does it inspired you to go do some organizing? If so, have fun!!:) And, check here for even more ideas for small kitchen storage – including some nifty ideas for spices and back of the cupboard door storage.

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  1. I have my spices on two 2-tier lazy susan turntables. They take up minimal space in my cupboards. I’ve placed them far apart on my shelf and have larger items, such as olive oil, vinegar, etc., in between. Mine are plastic and I picked them up long ago at either thrift stores or yard sales. You can buy them instore or online and they come in a lot of finishes. I’ve organized them with the spices I use less in the center and the taller spices on the top tier. I also keep toothpicks, matches, and a small kitchen scale on these.
    Another thing I’ve done for organization is to buy plenty of nice containers to store my food in. I don’t have a pantry so I have to use my shelf space wisely. I measured my cupboards and then chose the containers that would maximize the spaces. I bought the containers through Amazon and Walmart (each according to the best prices). I also bought some removable chalkboard labels so that I can tell at a glance what is in which container. This makes everything attractive and I can easily remove and rewrite the contents.

  2. I love collecting beautiful cups & saucers or just beautiful mugs. So I hang them underneath my counters with those cup hooks. It looks pretty and my counter space are still available!

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