5 Favorite Norwex Products

In this article: Find out how my 5 favorite Norwex cleaning products has turned into a whole new cleaning routine ~ and exciting new business venture. 

 When our 3 boys  were busy little toddlers, I felt like a complete failure in the cleaning department.

Having a messy, discombobulated house made me feel anxious, but I just couldn’t seem to get it together. I was so frustrated that I decided to study housecleaning methods as if my life depended on it. (Is that weird??)

I went to the library and checked out every book I could find on the topic.

We all have our things that give us joy…and having a tidy & clean house is one of mine. (Not that it’s always in that state, though…)

During that time, I had an alarming stash of cleaning products lining the shelves in my laundry room and cupboards – thinking that having a lot of product options made me more prepared for every cleaning task…

All that changed with a birthday gift.


My friend Cheryl showed up with a  gift bag one day, and wrapped in the pretty tissue paper were some cleaning cloths that changed my entire housecleaning life. They were part of the Norwex cleaning system that I’ve since gone bonkers over. If you’ve never heard of it, here are the five products that dramatically changed my cleaning routine.

Picture of Norwex enviro cloths and package of laundry detergent with the caption "5 norwex products that changed my cleaning routine"

My Favourite 5 Norwex Cleaning Products

The EnviroCloth & Window Cleaning Cloth

Norwex Envirocloths - part of the popular Norwex cleaning systemThe EnviroCloth & Window Cloth were what Cheryl gifted me with on that birthday years ago…and started a whole new cleaning switch-er-oo.

Norwex’s antibacterial Microfiber EnviroCloth removes dust, dirt and grease from all washable surfaces using only water – no chemicals! Norwex Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions. The super-absorbent EnviroCloth picks up dust particles and traps them in the cloth until you rinse it out. Then BacLock (Norwex’s registered Silver Agent) in the cloth goes to work to self-purify and inhibit odours from bacterial, mold and mildew growth with in the cloth.

The window cloth works the same way. No spray is needed at all. Just run under water, wring it out, wipe, and tada! the windows and mirrors are sparkling clean with no streaks.


Cleaning Paste & SpiriSponge

Norwex cleaning paste - one of the most popular Norwex products









Then, we moved to our current townhouse.

Cheryl again showed up with a little bag of tricks to help me out with a cleaning dilemma. Our tub unit was so sticky and dirty we were ready to rip it out and get a new one. (No joke!) We thought that the finish must have failed and it was impossible to clean.

I learned different…and recorded the whole cleaning lesson on this Facebook live:

That cleaning paste and SpiriSponge saved us thousands of dollars in renovations. Can you say, worth. every. penny?;)

Laundry Detergent

Norwex cleaning products include this laundry detergent - which has no yucky fillers!Since Cheryl was very passionate about the Norwex system, I enjoyed learning all kinds of facts about cleaning from her. For instance, it never dawned on me how dangerous chemicals in our laundry detergent and fabric softeners can be to our health.

I’ll admit, I never really considered that aspect before. I just wanted our clothes to come out of the wash clean and smelling good!;)

Her explanation of how the chemicals from cleaning products absorb through our skin and can be the cause of serious health issues made me take notice.

So…I switched to the laundry detergent.

And loved it so very much! It requires less than a teaspoon of detergent per load, so one bag lasts us a long time!

Then, I hosted a party…

Those 5 favorite cleaning products made me interested in the other items Norwex had (like the mop system), so I hosted a Norwex party a while ago. I discovered first hand how generous the hostess rewards were, and I got absolutely every item I was wishing for ~ free!

It was then that I got the mop system, kitchen cleaning cloths, body cloths, and the bathroom cleaner…

And so began the switch in my cleaning routine that is so much faster (my real reason for loving it…) and safer (no harmful chemicals!).

And Now… I just signed up to be a consultant!

Norwex is a home based business sold by individual consultants. I’ve been pondering the possibility of becoming a consultant for quite some time. And, just recently, I did it! 

  • I use and genuinely love these products. Since the mission of Harbour Breeze Home is to  share helpful, practical  tips involving everyday life ~ this fits right in.  I want to provide for people an easy way to purchase the products I refer to, as well as have the opportunity to host their own parties to get products for free. **Disclaimer: As a Canadian, I cannot sell products to Americans. See below.


  • And, yes…I signed up to help grow my business. (aka – I’d like to make some money!;))


How you can be involved with Norwex…

There are a lot of options if you’d like to learn more about Norwex, or just have some fun learning quick and safer ways to clean (plus they have a whole line of personal care items, too!).






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Where can I purchase Nowex products?

If you’re Canadian, and you know exactly what you’d like to buy, you can click here and put your order in. It will ship directly to your home.

Unfortunately, I am unable to sell to US citizens at this time. 

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So, there you have it!

Whew! That was big, exciting news today! And, now…I think I need to go clean something.;)

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