14 Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas with Farmhouse Style

Calling all space-challenged bathroom buddies! In today’s blog post, we’re unleashing a treasure trove of genius small bathroom storage hacks that will make you wonder why you ever put up with that chaotic cabinet situation. Say goodbye to the bathroom mess – we’ve got your back with tips so easy, you’ll be high-fiving your towels.

I recently received this question from a reader, 

“I’m drastically downsizing soon and am moving to a small apartment. I’m worried about small bathroom storage in my new place. The bathroom is so small! Do you have any ideas?”

Well, yes, Dear Reader, I do!

Ironically, our dramatically downsized home has a fabulous bathroom with great storage. However, I’ve lived in more than a few homes where the small bathroom storage situation was little to none.

Here are some of the creative small bathroom storage ideas for everything from toilet paper to towels.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for Towels

Find the perfect spot for your bathroom towels-even in your small bathroom- and add in a big dose of farmhouse style, too!

To see some of the ways we used these ideas in our own home, you may want to check out these posts:

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas : Use wall shelves for storage and style!

Don't ignore the walls when thinking of small bathroom storage. Shelves can provide just the storage space you're searching for.

Would you like to add some DIY wall shelves into your small bathroom? Here are ideas that are great for small living situations. Just measure your area and customize the size you’d like:

Makeup storage ideas for small bathroom

Get ready with ease - even in a small bathroom - with these clever ideas for storage and organization for makeup, beauty supplies, and hair tools.

Consider moving your makeup and beauty station OUT of the bathroom

Antique vanity and mirror in a walk in closet.
Consider using an un-used space in your house as a place for a vanity station if your small bathroom storage is a challenge.

I lived and struggled with our small bathroom storage issues and struggled for years with the daily routine of getting ready in them. The space was cramped. The vanity wasn’t big enough to hold my blow dryer, curling iron, or makeup cases.

I finally decided to turn an unused landing space in our historical home into a glorified “walk in closet” (click here for the before and after reveal post) outside our bedroom door. In it, I placed an antique vanity. I was finally able to store all my beauty products neatly in drawers. And, it was fun to sit on its bench and get ready every morning!

If you don’t have space for an antique vanity, perhaps you could convert a top drawer of a bedroom dresser and add a mirror above to accomplish the same purpose.

Small Bathroom Storage and Farmhouse Style – Where to store toilet paper, medications, and other personal hygiene products

Where to Store Toilet Paper, Medications, & other Personal Hygiene Products in a Small Bathroom

Sometimes the most basic of necessities - like toilet paper!- become a storage challenge in a tiny bathroom space. Here are some creative and practical ideas.

A few more very small bathroom storage ideas:

Keep your eye out at thrift stores or garage sales for pretty baskets, bins, and containers that could be modified to work in your situation.

Here are some DIY ideas that you might want to try:

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  1. These are all great ideas. Our home was built in 1946 and I’m pretty sure they added a small bathroom later on. We are renovating our bathroom right now and I’ve been looking for storage ideas. The baskets on the wall are a great idea!

    1. I know!! It dawned on me finally that the house we grew up in didn’t even have a bathroom in its original build. Out bathroom had been a closet!! No wonder it was SO small!!😂

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