Decor Storage

I find the process of organizing and rearranging to be a mix of hilarious and frustrating.  As one room gets all tidied up and pretty…

DR after2

…another space starts looking like a tornado blew through!

basement before

As my Dining Room started to look better and better, the basement was looking worse and worse.

The basement is a dangerous space for me…

I find it all to easy to “stash” things down there. quickly.  But like a mosquito buzzing around my bedroom at night, I eventually find it so annoying I have to so something about it…  Saturday was the day.

As my faithful washer and dryer churned out load after load of laundry, I puttered away purging, planning, organizing, and vacuuming.

My biggest dilemma was the storage of decor items.  I usually have no problem purging items I haven’t used in a year ~  But, decor items are a different story!  You already know I like to have a selection of things that I can switch out, redo, recycle, etc…

However, I don’t want them to take over my entire house!

I discovered this dresser at the bottom of the stairs was a wonderful solution.

decor dresser

I started placing like items in different drawers and found it to be a wonderful way to separate and yet easy to access as I need it.

One drawer is candles, holders, and glass items.  {Do I need a candle intervention?}


Another drawer is filled with “fillers”…


I was shocked how quickly the drawers filled up.

The other solution is one of my favorite antique pieces of all time.  This:

antique cupboard

I find it a shame to have it tucked away in the basement, yet it is just too large to fit anywhere else in the house.  I do use it, however, on a regular basis.  It holds my larger decor items (and a variety of other odds and ends!).

Again, these spaces aren’t drop dead gorgeous and I’m pretty sure no magazine will scramble to put this in their pages…

But, it is mighty nice to finally know where everything is again.

Basement after

It feels peaceful.


{I wonder how long it will stay this way??Winking smile}

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  1. OH how very pretty! I love your filled drawer of “fillers”! It just made me smile! Candle intervention? Umm no… however my family would say differently about me, I’m afraid. I have a friend in Alaska who I used to hold Party Lite candle parties for… can you say lots of hostess gifts? We are slowly but surely using them or giving them away. I think I am going to have to look into doing something similar or seasonal decorations… or maybe I should finish cleaning out the master bedroom walk-in closet. haha!

    Have a great day!

  2. I can totally relate! I finally tackled the “tornado” when we recently had company stay for four days. That’s one way of tackling the “tornado”.

    Heather B.

  3. I can also relate to how the basement gets ‘stuff’ dropped there all the time. Ours is a finished guest suite and stuff gets dumped there all the time (plus I paint furniture in small kitchen down there too.) Love your storage for decor. I have a $10 dresser in our living room with a drawer dedicated to candles, another for linens etc. Dresser are so good for that! I am in the process of switching out a shelving unit in our basement furnace room for other decor storage. It is a black wire unit and not as cool a piece as your hutch.

  4. I can relate, my craft area is a bomb site right now I am going through and doing a re arrange and re order. When I first saw your picture I thought oh no…but am glad to see the after photo. Unfortunately for me it takes a long time to get to the after spot as my fibro keeps me from doing too much.

    Glad you found a solution!

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