The Organized Buffet Table

A small dining room can become much more functional with an organized buffet table. Read on and I’ll show you less than 30 minutes of work made ours much more user friendly!

My little dining room is tucked in the corner right behind the living room and beside the kitchen.

The antique oak buffet is my favorite part (along with the table and chandelier). When space is limited, practical furniture pieces are key. The buffet is a workhorse in our situation.

It came my childhood home and has special sentimental meaning to me. In fact, when we were looking for a new house, I gave our real estate agent one requirement ~ The table and buffet HAD to fit!

I admit, though, that the buffet isn’t always well organized. Over time things get cluttered and messy. The organization challenge motivated me to set the timer and straighten things up.

I had already tidied up the 2 drawers that hold all our office supplies. It was now time for the rest. Here’s how the organization process went for me.

How to Organize a Dining Room Buffet

  1. Empty out all the items and group like items with like items.

  2. Place items back in the furniture piece in groupings. As you place items, make sure the things you reach for often are easy to access.

My (occasionally used) china pieces were grouped together on one side, with the small containers I use often for flowers in the front.

Large platters, the silverware chest, and napkins fit into the bottom drawer.

Placemats that I grab for every day are easily accessible from the top shelf, and are tucked beside the fancy china serving bowls.

Tablecloths and runners are stored folded accordion style so I can easily see what options I have.

I was amazed that this tidy up session lasted less than 30 minutes, and feels so much more user friendly!

Once I had the inside of the buffet cleaned out, I decided it was time to “put the icing on the cake” and decorate the dining room and living room with fresh new decor for Winter. Come back on Friday and I’ll give you a tour of its whole new look!

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