Modern Farmhouse Boho Master Bedroom Makeover Plans

A Farmhouse Boho Bedroom Makeover begins with this mood board of budget friendly elements. Follow along with this One Room Challenge!

I recently gave you a sneak peak of  bedrooms with black feature walls that are inspiring me these days.

I found them because I’ve been doing research for a makeover we have in the works. I thought it would be fun today to share a sneak peek of some of our Master Bedroom Makeover plans.

As with any room makeover project we’ve ever done, all plans are subject to change as we go along.

But, this time, I started with a little mood board inspiration.

A Farmhouse Boho Bedroom Makeover Begins!

Master Bedroom Makeover Befores:

When we moved into this townhouse, our Master Bedroom was a basic space with the same builder beige wall paint that covered every single wall.

A few years ago, we gave it a super budget friendly mini makeover and painted it Simply White with a feature wall in Silver Strand.

Although it was a vast improvement and made it such a nicer, brighter space, we were ready to give it a little more attention now.

The Goals:

Like with all of our previous room makeovers, we have some specific goals for this. They include:

  1. Add more personality with a Modern Farmhouse Boho style.
  2. Relocate clothes into the closet to make room for sleeker, smaller bedside tables.
  3. Address small closet organization.
  4. Complete this makeover on a small budget, trying to re-use and re-purpose things we already have/ own.

The Plan

Mood board of a modern farmhouse boho inspired master bedroom makeover

I call this look “Modern Farmhouse meets Boho”. 

I have no idea if that’s even a thing, but I want to experiment with mixing together elements that I really like. It seems that people can get away with a mix of styles and just call it “eclectic”.

So, eclectic, we’ll be!

Elements of the Modern Farmhouse Boho Style Master Bedroom Plan

As I’ve studied images of bedrooms I’m drawn to, I’ve noticed the following elements are included:

  • A dark colored feature wall. We’re going to go with the color Iron Mountain, as we still have some of it left over from our Dining Room and the Rustic Office. (It reads much darker on the wall than the picture indicates above.) We know we absolutely love that color paired with Simply White.
  • A mix of textures with the color brown. Woven tobacco baskets on the wall, stained wood, leather on pillows, and chunky threads on a throw pillows and textiles add to the softness and appeal of this style. Macrame wall hangings and plant holders look perfectly at home in a Modern Farmhouse Boho bedroom. They just might need to make an appearance someday, too…
  • Gold and black metals. Almost every room I studied had some sort of gold metal finish on the lamps. I love how it pops against the backdrop of a dark wall.
  • Greenery. Boho farmhouse bedrooms seem to have a great selection of greenery – both real and good fakes. I think that’s what makes the rooms feel alive and appealing.
  • Modern art. I’ve surprised myself with this one, as I’ve recently become a fan of simple landscape modern art. It looks amazing with this style of room and I’m looking forward to seeing where this new fascination takes me…

I’ll be showing you progress as we move along with this makeover one step at a time.

Update: See the Boho Style Bedroom reveal here!

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