I Spy {Links I Love}

As I peruse some of my favorite blogs throughout the week, I almost always find something that gives me inspiration, a chuckle, or food for thought.  I thought it would be fun to share some of them each week on Fridays ~ Sort of like a cross between Show and Tell and I Spy!



Here’s what caught my eye this week:

One of my favorite sign painters now has her signs in jewelry!~ so pretty and unique

This closet system tutorial (shown above) just may be on my to do list for the new year~ (I haven’t broken that to my husband yet…)

This free Bible Study starting in January sounds really interesting.  (I signed up for it.)

If you search for them, there are many beautiful, free printable calendars for 2015.  I chose this one for my new blog planner.  (I wonder if it’ll help keep me organized??)

We pick up our oldest son from the airport tomorrow.  For a few weeks, our whole family will be under one roof again!

Have a great weekend.

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