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Inspiration for Small Kitchens

We did it! Friday evening, we sat at a table and signed the final paperwork to purchase our first home.

Like the realtor said, “There’s no changing your minds now!”

Thank goodness, we have no buyer’s remorse at all. We’re absolutely thrilled/thankful/relieved/excited that the decision is made. Now aside from a mountain of more paperwork to sign at the notary’s and the financial steps, we seem to be on the final stretch of this process. (Whew! It’s a long process, isn’t it?).

We’ll get the key on September 30th and the moving process will proceed.

My mind is going all different directions these days ~ thinking about packing and purging and what to store where in the new place.

It’s already a pretty little place, so we don’t have to think of tackling a huge fixer upper project right away. However, we do have plans to add little touches to personalize the space over time as the budget allows. So, for now, I’ve been doing a little dreaming ~ as it requires no budget at all!

Our new kitchen is small by many standards ~ but it already has so much going for it, and I love it. I do think, however, that a few inexpensive touches could possibly take it up a notch or two.

As I peruse Pinterest and other blogs these days, I’m taking special note of small kitchen inspiration, and thought I’d start a little series on the things that have caught my eye.

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

Today is all about tile. I’ve been noticing that simple white tiles makes such a classy statement in a small (or large!) kitchen. Here’s a few things I’ve observed:

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: Love Grows Wild}

1.Adding dark grout and some black accents against a crisp, white background feels both clean and classy ~ and the dark grout would be so much easier to keep looking clean!

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: Design, Dining, & Diapers}

2.Taking the tile all the way to the ceiling makes a small space feel taller. Add in a bit of open shelving and the space opens up even more.

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: Caught in Grace}

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: Caught in Grace}

3.White tile ~ and painted brick! ~ add a nice texture in a neutral space and the look is warmed up by adding in some touches of stained wood.

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: House Beautiful}

4.Having a neutral base in a small kitchen makes it easy to add in different Seasonal accent colors.

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

{Source: Hooked on Houses}

5.Adding creative accessories to tile makes a pretty and practical solution for small spaces.

Do you have tile in your kitchen? If so, do you like it, and would you recommend it? I’d love to learn from your experience!

Inspiration for Small Kitchens ~ White Tile

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  1. Hi Rita
    I love all your pins about the kitchens. The bright white with black accents & stained wood is very classy! My fav!
    Congratulations on your new house!

  2. Our home has a small kitchen…there are limited cupboards as well as counter space. When we moved in, I had to get rid of many small appliances. As time has gone by, I haven’t missed most of them. If I want to add one then I have to get rid of another. Our kids are grown now and only one remains at home, so I need even less. I culled some items over the weekend, rearranged, and was able to put my crockpot (stored before on top of my fridge) and toaster behind doors. I don’t have a pantry at all. I’ve always kept extra food on basement shelves. I was able to bring most of it up and store it in the cabinets. Yay!
    About tiles. I love subway tiles and have considered them for my kitchen. We’ve been doing a bit of a refresh and put up beadboard panels instead. I love how it looks. The kitchen looks so much better – lighter and brighter, plus somehow even seems larger…perhaps the vertical lines. I’m looking forward to your posts on your small kitchen!!

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