Giving Rooms a Fresh Start

I stumbled on the transformational power of paint and strategically placed decor a LONG time ago.

In fact, it was so long ago that the word “blogging” wasn’t in ANYONE’S vocabulary back then!

I was just a young little whippersnapper newlywed.  As an American transplanted in Canada, I found myself with time on my hands as I waited for my work permit to go through.  We lived in a small duplex apartment, and one Fall day, the owner asked me to help her with the final apartment’s renovation.

The experience introduced me to the process of DIYing. In spite of having to clean oil-based paint out of brushes (blucky!!), I was hooked.

Though I have absolutely no before and after pictures of that cute little apartment by the river, I’ve used many of the concepts I learned then in the houses we’ve since called home.

Here’s a few:

1.  Paint is a relatively inexpensive element that has the potential to make the most dramatic change in a room’s appearance and feel.  It can transform a dark, dreary depressing cave:

our bedroom

into to a bright, breezy coastal retreat.

after straight on

{Wall Color: Benjamin Moore White Down}

2.  Adding paint to furniture or structural elements can both update outdated styles and  reflect you and your family’s unique personalities.  Painting the wooden parts of these cupboards:

kitchen before

combined with other budget saving DIYs, went a long way in helping our kitchen feel more like “us”.

seaside kitchen after ps

{Paint on Wooden Trim: Benjamin Moore Cloud White}

3.  Paint has the unique ability to disguise unsightly elements (like dated 70s panelling)

dining room door

and make a space feel fresh and new again.


{Entryway: Benjamin Moore White Down}


As you can see, Benjamin Moore is the paint that has been the start of many  room renovations in our home.  They are currently having a great promotion called ben & ME that puts all the supplies you’ll need for painting a room in one handy dandy kit.  (Offer begins on Monday, August 25 in participating Benjamin Moore stores.)

In fact, it’s because of it that we’ve been motivated to work on  a big ol’ room transformation right now! {Can you guess which one?}

If you’d like more details on their special offer click here.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Benjamin Moore, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Benjamin Moore.


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