Entrance Wall Facelift

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To say I had trouble choosing a color for our entryway is an understatement, indeed.  I actually painted it five different colors before I settled on White Down by Benjamin Moore.

entrance white down

For the most part, I really liked it ~ except for the main wall where the above table is.  The lighting is poor, and unless I open the door on a sunny day, it just seemed a little dreary.

Yesterday was rainy and grey, and at 5:30 in the evening, I decided to try to “un-dreary” the entryway wall.

Once I got the bee in my bonnet, I just decided to go with it.

The lighting was terrible for pictures, but I’ll show you anyway~

entryway wall before at night

I didn’t want to repaint the whole entryway area, so I decided to treat this wall as a feature.  To tie in two colors, I painted the bottom 2/3 Polar Bear White (by Behr, left over from my craft room), and stencilled the top (over the White Down background).

stenciled walls

It was my first time stencilling on walls, and I think it could become addictive…

close up stencil

Here it was before I started:

whole empty wall

And here it is this morning.

stenciled wall in entry

We can’t believe how much brighter it already is.  Now I can’t wait to pretty it up!

Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Wow…you’re a decorating powerhouse Rita! I need to do some touchups in my place too…it sure doesn’t look like we had the whole house painted only 3 years ago.

  2. Oh Rita, its beautiful! What stencil did you use? Because I think that would be the perfect addition to either our wall just in from the front door or for one wall of the entrance into our bedroom. (which is painted an orangish color which just hasn’t worked since I did it 2 years ago.)

    Have a wonderful day! Enjoy the grey!! we had wind, a touch of rain, added to the mix of our grey so I’m enjoying a day inside. Working on the family room. I might e-mail you some pictures later on today to see what you think… I’m stuck right now. I like both options and so does my husband. LOl I know we are such a silly lot! (I say i like both options but am not sure I LOVE them… however it does feel very cozy for winter!) maybe I’ll just change over to the pretty sheers come spring.

  3. I liked your entranceway. At least on pics, it looked cheerful and inviting. But it will be interesting to see how you decorate it now. I was thinking of how I could do a similar vignette in my entranceway. You’re so inspiring!

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