Master Bedroom Coffee Time Corner Reveal

Decorating on a tight budget is both a blessing and a curse. Let me explain.

As I’ve mentioned a time or two, I love to use inspiration pictures to help guide the design process as I’m working on a space.

I study and study them ~ analyzing colors, metal finishes, soft furnishings, lighting, & furniture.

In the course of all that studying and analyzing, I start to form a mental wish list. It includes everything I wish I could have/buy/use in the space.

The problem is, our budget very rarely matches the wish list.

This is where the “blessing” part comes in.

Our budget is what my blogger friend The Nester calls a Lovely Limitation. It’s a boundary that helps guide and steer the direction of my purchases & choices. It limits the options into a manageable segment that I can then think about and work with.

Without the Lovely Limitation of a tight budget, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to exercise creativity as much.

It stretches my thought process and helps me to think outside the box of just hopping to a store to buy exactly what I want.

Today is a perfect illustraion of this.

I stared at this Simply White painted blank wall for weeks.

I knew it needed something to add interest and personality, but I was at a loss as to what to put there to make it feel homey without cluttering up the area.

So, out came the inspiration pictures again and I started to try to figure out how to make the space feel & look the way we wanted by creatively using things we already had.

And, bonus! Right in the middle of this exercise, I stumbled on a great clearance sale and was able to add some neat new features for a steal of a price!:) (Don’t you love it when that happens?)


The last post showed inspiration pictures of elements that can be used to add farmhouse style to a space. Today, I’m going to show you how I used those 6 elements (most of which I already owned!) to put together a little sitting room corner in our Master Bedroom.



Wood Tones

Soft Furnishings


Architecural Elements

The light spills into this room of the house like no other.

I’ve found that this little corner is one of my favorite places to sit with a cup of coffee and a good magazine…





Black Chair: Thrift Store

Black Rod, metal buckets, fuzzy rug and greenery ~ Ikea

Mirrors, Clock, & small pillow ~ Winners

Driftwood side table ~ Made by us

Small aqua linen pillow ~ Made by me



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  1. Amazing! You have transformed that corner into something beautiful! Enjoy your coffee and magazine reading there!

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