How Photographs and Function Help Design Rooms

This dining room turned office happened fast and furious around here.  It was the first time I’ve done anything like it with a deadline looming.  It’s motivational – I tell you what!

I didn’t have time to plot and plan much in advance.  I did, however, peruse my Pottery Barn book before bed each night.  I thought that somehow the ideas would generate through sleep.

When we finally got the room all painted and the furniture in, I got the camera out to take the big “reveal” pictures.  Here was round 1:

after picture 1
I thought it would be so nice to have the table in front of that big window…

after picture 2 from living room

But when I sat down to edit the pictures, I realized the room looked so empty!

Another thing happened when I sat down to edit the pictures.  The light streaming in that window behind made it impossible to see the computer screen.  So this is how I ended up working:
working at the desk

I realized it was kinda silly to cram myself at the end of the table.  (And, yes, do you like the hot mess in the closet?  Just goes to show what you can crop out of photos!!:)

Those two factors made us rethink the whole room.  We ended up turning the desk so that the work station faced the direction I actually worked in.

coastal cottage desk ps

and adding in a few more pieces of furniture made it feel not so empty.

office after from living room ps

Little by little we’re adding in the things that make it function in a practical sense.  Things that aren’t necessarily beautiful ~ like a printer,


and cords gallore.  (I hide them in those little covered baskets.)

Oh, and that hot mess of a closet?  It drove me crazy until I  finally cleaned it up.


I was tired of risking my life trying to dig the vacuum out!!:)

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