2 Super Quick Wall Art Projects

Are you looking for a way to add some personality into a room?  Here’s two super quick wall art ideas for you.  In fact they’re so simple, it’s a bit embarrassing…


1.  Framed Fabric

Find a frame in your basement that’s just sitting around doing nothing.  Using the matting inside, cut a piece of fabric (that’s been ironed well) about 1 inch larger than the mat. Then, using some strong tape you found in the junk drawer, wrap the fabric around the mat and adhere it.  I did all the middles first and then the corners.


Once you’re done, slip it into the back of the frame.


Less than 5 minutes from start to finish!

2.  Framed printable.

You can find free printables all over the internet.  I typed in “bike printables” into Pinterest’s search engine and found a ton I loved!  Once you narrow it down to what you actually want, print it out on cardstock.

Put an empty frame on the wall and attach the printable in the center with scotch tape.

love the journey

Seriously? So, so easy…

chimney from desk

Have a wonderful day!

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