Easy Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

Discover the joy of painting with these easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners. Find easy tutorials plus helpful printable watercolor coloring pages.

When world events caused us all to stick close to home, I decided that it was important for my mental health to have something fun to look forward to each day.

I chose watercolor painting as my ” fun thing”.

Easy watercolor painting of a glass of lemonade.
Using watercolor painting templates makes it easy for beginners to learn watercolor painting.

One day when we were grabbing our groceries, I wanted to make sure I had basic watercolor supplies in my cart.

Then I made a goal to sit down at the dining room table and painted something.

It has given me great joy. Watercolor painting is simple and relaxing – and I figure that the more I practice, the better I’ll get, right?

So if you, too, would like to begin learning watercolor painting, I’ve researched some great resources for beginners. Let’s learn to paint together. Shall we?

Easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners with watercolor painting tutorials and printable watercolor templates - a collage for Pinterest.
It’s fun to learn to paint with watercolors using easy watercolor paintings to copy -watercolor templates!

Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners

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Supplies you’ll need:

One of the things I love about watercolor painting is that it doesn’t require a boatload of supplies! You’ll just need these basic things:

Watercolour Painting Ideas for Beginners: Basic Tutorials to help you get started

As a complete newbie to watercolor painting, I was thrilled to discover so many free tutorials for beginners. Here are 10 that caught my eye.

Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners: Printable Watercolor Coloring Pages for Adults

As a beginner in watercolor painting, I found myself looking specifically for easy watercolor paintings to copy. I discovered some easy watercolour painting ideas in the form of free printable watercolor templates with line drawings of easy things to paint with watercolors.

Here is a list of some cute watercolor paintings you might want to try, too!

As I get started with the basics of watercolor painting, I LOVE printable watercolor templates that I can transfer onto my watercolor paper.

To transfer a printable watercolor template to watercolor paper, I follow these simple steps:

1. Print the template onto copy paper.

2.Place the template under the watercolor paper and hold it up to a window with light shining through.

3. Lightly trace the template onto the paper.

I find that by using a template as I begin to learn the basics of watercolor painting, I feel like I can have small "wins" right away. That encourages me to keep on painting!

The following are some free printable watercolor coloring pages to help you as you get started.

Watercolor Painting Ideas for Beginners: Ready to use watercolor coloring books for adults

In my researching today, I also discovered some beautiful ready to use watercolor books. They look amazing for beginners – no printing or tracing necessary! Click on the link to see details and purchase on Amazon.

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