DIY Paper Triangle Bunting Banner

This super quick project will add a festive spirit to any space. In only about 10 minutes, you can make your own DIY paper triangle bunting banner and hang it up!

When I’m thinking of changing decor for the season, I try to be creative in using things I already have. Since paper is a staple in our home, printables are often my first thrifty solution. This Spring, I’ve also turned some printables into pillows and covered some books.

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Since I already had my pretty scrapbook paper out, I also decided to add a little garland to my Dining Room Farmhouse shelf. Paper garlands can add a cheery feeling to any space in a home!

collage of a paper triangle bunting banner

DIY Paper Triangle Bunting Banner Tutorial

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Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Cut 12 x 12 inch paper into 4 inch strips

I was overly generous when choosing paper, and cut WAY too many strips!

Step 2: Fold each strip inside out and mark where cuts should be made.

To make things go faster, I layered the strips into a pile of 3 and folded them inside out together. Then I marked cut lines by making a pencil mark at the top every 2 inches (starting with 0), and at the bottom, every 2 inches starting with 1. (See above picture for clarification.)

Then, using a pencil, I drew where the triangle cut marks needed to be.

If you are making a lot of these triangles, you might find it beneficial to make a template of the cut marks using a piece of cardstock. Just don’t cut the triangle all the way at the top or you’ll cut apart your template!

Step 3: Measure out the string to desired length and glue on the triangle pennants.

Once you have enough patterned triangle shapes cut, choose a layout design and glue them on to the string. Lay it down with the fold at the top, place the string in the fold, rub a glue stick on one side and glue it down.

paper triangle bunting banner hanging on a farmhouse shelf

Step 4: Hang it up!

I loosely tied a loop into each end that could be attached with a nail in a wall. But in this case, I simply laid the string in the bracket of the shelf.  A small piece of scotch tape does the trick in holding it up in the middle.

Farmhouse shelves in a dining room decorated with Spring decor ~ including a Spring green paper triangle banner

Turn it into a celebration with a paper bunting banner!

I think bunting banners are one of the most festive and happy decor items out there. You can whip one up to be used in all different situations or occasions:

  • Attach one to the front of the gift table for  a bridal shower.
  • Drape one over the handles of a vintage drink cart at a backyard party
  • Hang a brightly colored banner from an old window for a Spring vignette above a dresser
  • Use old book pages for a farmhouse look and hang it in your office window, the Christmas tree, or fireplace mantel.
  • Add some letters to the front of each one for a welcoming message in your entryway

To see a video tutorial of this project:

Head to my Instagram channel and click on the highlight called “paper garland”. You can see the step by steps being done in real time!


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  1. Love your banner Rita. They have been a long time love of mine and such an easy thing to add a little something to your decor

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