Spring Living Room Refresh

Spring has arrived in full force this past week. Trees are in blossom and pretty little flowers are popping up all over. The sunshine and bright blue sky is a real treat.

The other thing I’ve been loving is how light spills into this house like a ladle full of gravy over mashed potatoes…

It’s just so happy!:)

I put the dollar store disco ball on the coffee table beside a bowl of oranges and when the light hits it…

Spring Living Room Refresh @harbourbreezehome.com

Boom! An instant polka dot party!

I know I just put the living room together when we moved in, but I was moving around my decor items and just felt the need to lighten things up to match the sunshine.

Spring Living Room Refresh @harbourbreezehome.com

The old wooden ladder and a big empty window frame added in a little farmhouse feel.

Spring Living Room Refresh @harbourbreezehome.com

Some free printables from Kari Ann at Thistlewood Farms  and fake greenery added a little Spring color.

Spring Living Room Refresh @harbourbreezehome.com

A friend gifted us an antique sewing table that tucks into the corner perfectly. I hide my little old tv and pvr box on the shelf below it, and can easily pull it out and put it on the island to watch tv as I cook ~ handy, yet hidden!

Do you make small changes in your decor to match the seasons? Or maybe you go all out and really change it up? If so, what are your favorite things to add into your Spring living room? I’d love to hear.

PS. You guys rocked it in helping me with great suggestions for grout cleaning, and shower door cleaning ~ both in the blog comments and Facebook page. Thanks so much!

And, if you’d like to see last year’s beach cottage Spring living room, you can find it here.

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  1. Love all your ideas. Great direction and good ideas will see if I can do as well as you. I’m new to all this chalk paint stuff so I’m getting there slowly. I’ve finished my kitchen table and 4 chairs. We love it the wax abd or polyurethane step threw us and we had to sand the top and start over. Lesson learned USE WAX not varnish type substances Great ideas Ty

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