Pattern Play Display Sign

I wanted to make a sign with a fun pattern.  But, I wasn’t real wild about trying to hand paint some fancy scroll work.  I did remember, however, that I had a stamp set that I loved with just the design I was going for…

pattern play with text

So, I took a deep breath and ventured into even more unknown territory…

Could I use house paint on my scrapbooking acrylic stamps??

The answer…


I used a small brush and painted on some panther colored paint, then quickly and gently “stamped” on to the dry front of the painted wood.  I stamped 3 or 4 times before I re-applied paint.

It was quick and easy. Once I was finished, I ran the stamp under water and washed the paint off.

I also wanted to add some more layers and interest to the sign, so I found this little ruler frame in my decor stash downstairs and hot glued it to the center.

pattern and ruler

I have been planning all along to hang an old skeleton key in the center.  However, I so carefully put it in a special spot the last time I put it away ~

…that now I can’t find it!

{Please tell me you do that sometimes, too?}

When it surfaces again, I’ll put a small cup hook near the top and hang it from that.

Skeleton keys remind me of the house I grew up in…so I want that as part of my memory Entryway Gallery Wall.

I realize I’ve never shown the backs of my signs yet.  They are far from beautiful, but I do like to “finish” them a bit, so I rub a coat of stain on the back (after I’ve stained the front) and hang a sawtooth hanger near the top.

back of sign

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