How To Hang a Gallery Wall {The Easy Peasy Way}

One of the things I did while on my recent trip was spend three days decorating & organizing in my sister Becky’s house.  Sister Susan (our sister…not the nun kind of “sister”) came up to help, too, and we worked like two crazed women ~ and loved every minute of it.  I worked while sweating; she worked while shivering.  Our body temperatures are slightly different.  tee hee…

Sadly, in the flurry of it all, I managed to forget to take any before pictures.  Bummer.  But, I did come to my senses as I worked on this project.

Above the couch in the living room was a huge space that needed a little somp’n somp’n.  We chose to do a gallery wall type arrangement.  Here’s how it went down.

1.  Lay items to be used on the floor until something comes together and looks good to you.

lay on the floor

2.  Measure out the exact dimensions of how big you want the arrangement to end up, and cut a piece of paper to that size.  Large rolls of paper from a print shop work great for this…or even taped together newspapers would do.

3.  Lay arrangement on top of paper until it is spaced the way you like.  A level will probably be a good idea at this point as well.  Trace around each object.


4.  Once items are traced, flip them over and note where the picture hanger is located.  Mark little x’s in the exact spot on the paper where the nails/ screws will need to go.  {This is especially helpful when you are working with your sister’s very beautiful wall, and you need to put in some of those scary anchor things!!}

where to nail

5.  Attach the paper (which is now your template) to the wall with scotch tape.

paper on wall

6.  Place nails/ anchors/ screws in the places where you have marked.  I used small nails for the lightweight things and anchors/ screws for the heavier objects.  Thankfully, they all held.  (Phew!)  Once all the nails are in place, rip down the paper and hang up the pictures.

arrangement above couch

{I just threw in some family pictures quick so that they don’t have to look at stranger’s pictures. Becky will finish off that little detail…}

And if you’re wondering where that beautiful shelf from the first picture went, it now lives in the entryway (which is right off the living room).


{All items for the gallery wall arrangement were purchased at Hobby Lobby, Target, and Herbergers.}

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  1. I sure needed to do this in my living room but there were aready a few holes to fill so I just went for it!!

  2. Yep. I do this – lay out my pics on the floor before hand, but then I abandon reason and just start “eyeballing” it. Sigh… Just discovered your blog and going to follow you!

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