Monogram Family Letter Sign

I think Pottery Barn got me hooked on adding typography into decor.  Someone once asked me what the “1, 2, 3” in my entryway signified.

“Oh, nothing,” I replied,

“I just think they look neat!”

I’m pretty sure the person thought I was crazy…but that’s nothing new!  Ha!Smile

I thought it would be fun to add a Monogram sign of the letter of our family’s last name in our entryway gallery wall.  (In case you’re wondering why I chose “h”.)

monogram letter sign with text

It, too, was the same basic painting style I described earlier.  This time, I “tapped on” some of the panther paint on top of the blue to give it a more antiqued look.  I used the computer to print out a large “h” in Book Antique font and transferred it on to the front with graphite paper.

Once I filled in the letter in with panther paint, I let it start to dry and then just rubbed off a bit of the center paint with a paper towel. (Refer to the “how to” post for more details.)

I used this same technique when I painted the “laugh” sign.

laugh sign

I found this method of painting letters  much quicker and is way more forgiving than my previous methods.  It’s ok that it’s not perfect.  A little uneven and “messy” adds to the fun of it.

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  1. Your entry way looks great! I love the “laugh” sign. I’ve been collecting “P’s” for our last name and my niece asked my why I had “P’s” in my living room. LOL! I guess it takes a certain kind to understand our decorating style.

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