Homemade Christmas Gifts

Months ago, when the sun was shining brightly and Christmas seemed a LONG way away, I got an e-mail from The Happy Housewife.  She was compiling a special e-book called Homemade Christmas Gifts, and wondered if she could include my “Movie Night in a Bag” idea.

gift bags ps

{You can find the original post with instructions here.}

Of course, I told her I would be honoured to be included!  Then I sort of forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from The Happy Housewife again.  She mentioned there is a special version of her book for Kindle readers.  Normally it is offered on Amazon for $1.99, but today and tomorrow it is being offered FOR FREE!


Homemade Christmas gifts


If you are interested in it, head to Amazon and search for Homemade Christmas Gifts by Toni Anderson.  It should be a free little gift for you and your kindle today and tomorrow!Smile

{Merry early Christmas to you!!}

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I got it on my ipad!! Never tried it (ipad is something new) before but Thot it was pretty cool. Look forward to checking it out.

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