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Come on In~ It’s a Holiday Home Tour!

The other night, I sat at my friend’s kitchen island, sipped tea, and chatted. All around us were twinkling signs of Christmas.

Her windows were trimmed in garland and lights, the tree sparkled with whimsical decor, and her fireplace mantel looked like it came straight from a Hallmark Christmas movie.

I just loved to see how she and her family decked their halls for the holidays!

Don’t you just love to see how other people decorate their homes for Christmas?

Today, I’m throwing open my front door and inviting you in for just that.

Some of you have already had a mini tour from my last post on remembering, but today, you’ll get the whole scoop.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

The main living space in our townhouse is this great room ~ which has great responsibilities!

It’s our entrance, office, living, & dining room.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

The Billy Bookcase system wall is what helps keep our sanity in this small space. The closed cupboards hide a multitude of practical things, and the shelves add a place for seasonal pretties.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

This year, used  decor that I’ve collected over the years from people I know and love.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

The angel chimes were my Grandma’s, and our boys love to see how fast they can get those angels spinning!;) (Sidenote: I still can’t find where I stashed the candles for that thing!)

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

Cute Christmas figurines of a bear family and a church were gifts from my sisters in law. A few things from my Mom’s Christmas collection made their way on the shelves, too. Oh, how fun it is to have things to remind us of the special people in our lives!

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

An old window was re-purposed to become art above the Living Room Couch. Scientific beakers from a garage sale became the perfect holders for miniature vintage (and non vintage) ornament balls.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

Although it would be fun to go out and buy all new decor for every Christmas season, I try to think of ways to use everyday decor and make it “Christmasy”. A candle holder tray became a wintery touch on the coffee table with a few pinecones and faux greenery.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

A collection of lanterns turned festive with just a few sprigs of greenery and some faux winter berries.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

The dining room was where I added this year’s Christmas color scheme ~ aqua blue and red. I just love the whimsy and playfulness of those colors together.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

The addition of Free Printables helped to tie all the colors together.

Aqua Blue & Red Christmas Decor

A gold antler candle centerpiece was an after Christmas bargain last year ~ and I use it far more than just at Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by today for a peek in to my holiday home.

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Here’s a little Youtube video I did of our house tour. Come on in!:


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