The Stairs are Finished!!!!


I decided to quickly post these pictures of the stairs before I go to bed….But, in my current sleepy state, I just downloaded them in the wrong order. Oops! So…here are the stairs AFTER:
Even though the paint job is far from perfect, I love how it brightened and “cleaned up” the space. The rail and treads are Benjamin Moore’s “Black Bean Soup” (of course!) in semi-gloss, and the sides and back are “Cloud White”.
Here is what the space looked like on Monday. Note the ladder on the step. My brave husband perched himself on that and finished painting the LAST of the dark panelling – which was in the upper stairwell. Bless his heart…I just don’t do heights very well…

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Rita that is amazing. I love it. Can't wait to come and check it out. Its like night and day. Makes me want to decide my next project.

  2. Great, Rita. You do a great job at making your house "homey"….as in comfortable, cozy and inviting looking,….not "homey" as in inner-city…boys on the block…New Jersey-homey…. Ha. I don't know how you get it all done….

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