An Alternate Workout


If you are like me, you may have trouble motivating yourself to get to the gym.


Inadvertantly, I stumbled upon a workout routine that has left my muscles feeling as if I’ve spent too much time doing the “Curves” workout circuit.

It started Wednesday and went something like this:

1. Decide to tacke these time-worn stairs.

2. Gather up the “gear” needed. Lug it up 2 flights of stairs.

3. Turn on some motivational music. For me, it was the “Traditional Holiday” radio station.

4. Keeping in mind the warning of the nice paint man at the store, tie an old t-shirts of your husband’s around your face. (You should NOT breathe in lacquer saw dust!)

5. Start up the random orbital sander.

6. Watch the dust fly.

7. Take the t-shirt off your face because you can’t breathe.

8. Open the front door instead.

9. Put away the sander and get a hunk of 60-grit sandpaper on a block.

10. Sand all the stairs until your right arm burns so bad it feels like it’s going to burst into flames.

11. As you’re sanding, contemplate why some musicians sound like they’ve spent too much time with the spiked eggnog.

12. After sanding each step, vacuum off the dust – lugging the 20-lb vacuum cleaner down the flight of stairs.

13. Get the oil-based primer. Start painting and realize it really DOES dry fast! The brush isn’t going to cut it.

14. Frantically run around your basement praying that miraculously there will be a small roller somewhere. Rejoice when you find one.

15. Develop a system for painting each step:

  • Stand 3 steps below the stair you’re painting and paint the underside of the overhang. (This might be easier if you just go ahead and stand on your head!)
  • Go up 2 steps and stand directly over the step so you can cut in properly.
  • Sit down on the step below to give your burning lower back some relief while you roll on the paint.

16. Stand up and repeat 14 times.

17. Do the same process over 5 times with 2 coats each of 2 different colors!

(An “after” picture will be coming soon…)

Now…you’ll have to excuse me. I need to find that Advil!:)

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  1. I want to paint my steps like this, but now you've scared me. 🙂 They look great, though!!!

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