Who I’m Thinking of on this Thanksgiving Day

One of my great memories from childhood was “Slide Night” in our living room. You see, back in “those days”, slides were the photographs in vogue. My mom had them all organized into metal holders that would fit into an avacado green slide projecter. It was a noisy contraption and invariably slides would start jamming in it as it heated up. But, it was sure worth all the hassle. As pictures would pop up on the big, white plaster wall, often the room would erupt in laughter and “remember when” stories would follow.

I’ve been working the past few years at getting all these slides scanned into a digital format. It’s a time consuming process – 6 minutes for every 4 slides, to be exact! I have to admit, I run out of patience quickly, so I try to break it up into smaller goals.
My goal this year was to finish all of our baby/ kid pictures. I’ve been working away, and I was down to just one sister and me. I noticed a trend as I worked away. My oldest brother had well over 100 slides. By the time I came around, I think my dad was tired of hauling out that camera! The good news is, it didn’t take long to scan my 18 slides!:)
I’ve been having my own little “slide night” party up here in my office. As I watch pictures come on the screen I either remember things…or have alot of questions! Take this one for example:
Judging by the candles on the cake, I had turned 3 that day. Apparently, I must have gotten that nightgown AND KERCHIEF CAP for my gift. What in the world was that cap all about? And why was I sitting outside on the step with my birthday cake?
But this is what really got me laughing. I must have REALLY liked my birthday gift. Because, here I am, honing in on my siblings first day of school pictures – in my nightgown!
I do look like I’ve just hopped out of bed. And I love how I’m all silly in front of my brother who apparently always stood up for me when I was in trouble. (I hope I’m not in trouble now for posting these pictures!) And that DOG??? I have no recollection of it…
And here I am with two of my favorite people in the whole world – my sisters…in matching dresses, no less! Again…I am in that nightgown. How sweet.
So, here it is Thanksgiving Day. And to those 4 people in the pictures above – I’m VERY THANKFUL for you! I’m so glad I got to be your pesky little sister…and hey, teasing me gave you something to do when you were bored!:)

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  1. Those are the cutest pictures of you! You look a lot younger than your other siblings (except the one sister in the yellow frilled dress with the yellow matching kerchief.. I'll bet much attention was lavished on you! That's why you are such a happy person!

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