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I’ve spent a little time this morning trying to figure out a few “techie” computer things.  Oh, mercy.  Thank goodness for fun size twix candy bars and hot coffee…

I usually end up with more questions than answers when it comes to tech things, but I did get one thing accomplished that I’m excited about.  I finally got my YouTube channel (yes, I have one!) custom named so it’s not just a bunch of computer gibberish.  You can find it at this address:

There are 2 new videos up.  One is a quick little one on fall styling a living room side table:

coffee table styling on

The key purpose, of course, is to keep room for your cups of coffee!:)

The other one is a little recap of our recent road trip:

And now I should get up from this chair and go for a walk. I need some exercise after those candy bars!:)



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