The “Fairy-Tale” Wedding

{I originally scrawled down this post in a notebook a few weeks ago…before William and Kate’s wedding day.  It’s been sitting there ever since.  Last night, however, I read this post from a Facebook friend:

“My daughter who is marrying in a few weeks, put this status on her FB page: ‘Looking through gorgeous wedding after gorgeous wedding online and has come to the conclusion that our wedding won’t be as extravagant as others. I guess we’re trying to focus more on the marriage. Does that ever happen anymore?’ “

So, to you – the bride-to-be that I’ve never met – I’m so proud of you!  I love the way you think… This post is for you and your Mom & Dad.  They obviously raised you well!}



I have a fascination with the Royal Family.  It started with Princess Di.  Her wedding to Prince Charles was just a few years before my own.

It mesmerized me…  The dress.  The flowers.  All those cute kids.  The shy glances passed from the bride to the groom.  It seemed so romantic.  So perfect.  So Cinderella and Prince Charming-ish.

We all know now that what seemed so idyllic was…really…NOT!

My heart broke for that family as the marriage fell apart with the whole world looking on…


I’m reminded of that when I watch sweet, young girls planning their weddings…and  shows like “Say, Yes, to the Dress.”  I totally agree that a girl’s wedding day should be special. Beautiful. Memorable.  But often the focus becomes the wedding – not the marriage.  I get the impression that the girl equates a perfect wedding with a perfect marriage.

Prince Charles and Lady Di showed us that isn’t the case…


I could get all sappy now and describe my perfect marriage.  But, well, that would be a lie.  We have our ups and downs like I’m sure all marriages have (or is it just us??).

But, I’ll tell you what.  If I could change anything about my wedding day…there wouldn’t be much.  I’d still choose simple.  I’d still choose the discount wedding dress (that cost less than the tux I just rented for my son for his High School grad!).  And I’d definitely still choose the same man…

But there is one thing…

wedding picture

What was I thinking when I wore that hat???  Oh, wait…I remember now.  When I stepped out of the bridal shop dressing room with that dress and hat veil , my big , tough farmer dad got tears in his eyes.  (He had reluctantly been in the shop in the first place…only to avoid the sweltering 100 degree heat in the car!)

He was silent for a few moments and then said,

“The hat.  You need to get the hat, too.”

I got the hat.  And now that I think of it… I wouldn’t change that either!


Congratulations to you, sweet Bride-to-be!  I hope you have many precious memories as you plan for your big day and the {even more important!} marriage.  May your days and years ahead with your husband be filled with sweet togetherness.  (And someday…I’d like to see a picture from your “big day”!  I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely beautiful…)

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