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“Why BLOG anyway?” I’ve been asking myself that question lately. I started this blog adventure on sort of a whim. But I had done some research beforehand. Some people recommend that you should have one theme (i.e. home decor) and stick to only that. Others say, “just write whatever you want – just make sure you write something every day”. Hmmm…I’m still not sure where I fit in in either one of those “camps”…
I’ve been reading my Grandma’s diaries lately. During my 4 years of Bible college in Alberta, I lived on the same campus as Grandma (she was retired staff). I really didn’t know her well as I was growing up. Her 2-week trip to Montana during summer was too brief for that to happen.
That all changed, however, during my college days. Every Sunday Grandma had me and a friend over for lunch. And I tried to stop in most days for even a short visit.
A few years ago, my Uncle graciously handed me Grandma’s diaries from those years. “I think you should have these” he said. “You’re mentioned more than anyone else!”
I was honored and glanced through them a few times, but never really read them til now.
Grandma didn’t write much each day – usually just about 5 sentences. But she never missed a day! It was always facts, too…never her feelings about anything. She kept better track of me than I did:
Dec. 11, 1987 “…Rita to have her first date tomorrow at Country Cousins…” [ha ha ha…I’d totally forgotten that was the name of the restaurant!]
Feb. 24, 1990 “…Rita and Irwin came about 4:30 – they got engaged last Thurs.”
But, I’ve also read things I never knew, too. Like:
  • Grandma was at the bedside of her dear friend Merle as she breathed her last breath.
  • She made alot of jello salad…and lemon sauce for angel food cake.

As my sister and I were discussing this over the phone, she said, “Well, Rita, Grandma was a blogger!”

YES!!! That’s it! That’s why I want to blog. Grandma’s diaries have blessed my heart. I feel like I know her better. She’s teaching me things through her words. And her legacy lives on.

Now I’m not claiming that this blog is any of the above…but I do hope that someday my Grandkids will stumble upon these writings (Where will computers be, anyway???) and learn something new about “Grandma Rita” (Oh, that sounds wierd right now!:)).

And…if it blesses someone’s heart, or gives them a laugh, or inspires them to start a new project in the meantime – that’s icing on the angel food cake!:)

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