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Anyone who knows me well knows that fashion really isn’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong – I want to be well-dressed and “put together”. But I find the whole process a little dauting. By the time I find myself shopping, I’m usually desperate for clothes. The combination of “having to” find something, plus a limited budget, plus the fact that I’m no longer the size I used to be…well, let’s just say, I thought I’d break out in the hives -right there in the Reitman’s dressing room!

The show “What Not to Wear” was somewhat helpful in discovering what I should be wearing. But to be honest, I just want Stacy and Clinton to tell me what to wear…and the $5000.00 budget would be nice, too!:)

However, a few years ago a delightful solution came to mind. I realized I knew many women who are REALLY GOOD at fashion! So, I decided I would bring them in as my personal reinforcements. I look for 3 criteria:

  1. They themselves looked “put together”.
  2. They could be very honest with me…and could say things like, “My goodness, don’t buy any more black!” or, “Yep, that makes you look (ahem)…’heavy’.”
  3. They liked to laugh. Who wants to shop with a Sour Sally anyway?

Of course, two of my favorite partners in shopping adventures are my sisters. One of them told me I should work on “accessorizing”. They “pull outfits together”, she said. So I’ve been following her advice and collected some accessories.

The problem, however, became how to store the necklaces. I tried a silver tray for a while. Although PRETTY on my shelf, PRACTICAL it was not! I needed pliers to pry apart the tangled mess!

When we did our bedroom makeover, an idea finally came to me. Here is my sneaky storage solution – located on the door of my built-in storage cupboard.

Finally, I can “accessorize” with ease!:)

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