Murphy Bed Cabinet Beds Perfect for a Guest Room

Turn a small space into a multipurpose room with the help of a murphy bed cabinet bed!

After getting tired of hauling out and blowing up awkward air mattresses for guests, we decided to look into alternative options for our small office guest room.

We found an unexpected & PERFECT solution – a murphy cabinet bed!

Adding a murphy cabinet bed to our small office room helps it function much better for guests.

What is a murphy bed cabinet bed?

If you’ve never heard of them before, a murphy bed is a bed that is hinged on one end and can be folded up to be stored vertically against the wall. They are usually very tall on the wall and look like a large cabinet.

However a murphy cabinet bed has a bit of a different look. It has a mattress that folds into thirds and the whole thing folds up to be a short cabinet rather that a floor to ceiling cabinet.

It has a handy drawer at the bottom to store linens in, and our model also has cute flip up nightstands and USB charging ports!

How does a cabinet bed fold up?

I thought you might be as curious as I was to see how one of these nifty cabinet beds works, so I recorded a video so you could see how easy they are to fold up. Click the button to see the magic:

Where can I buy murphy cabinet beds?

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affilate links.

Murphy beds are in stock items in some furniture stores, or they can be special ordered. Serendipitously, we ran into a shopper who had just listed a nearly brand new one on Facebook marketplace. So, that is probably one of the more economical ways to purchase them. (Here is the exact cabinet bed we got.) I also listed below some murphy beds that can be purchased online through places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Note that if you buy a murphy bed, they are very heavy and large. Since we only have a car, we rented a UHaul cargo van to pick ours up. We also had a couple of young men help us carry it upstairs.

Be prepared for a little sticker shock on these. They are NOT cheap! You can make your own murphy beds with plans. But, after weighing the cost of murphy bed hardware, wood, and time it would take, we felt buying one already made was well worth it for us at this point.

Tip: We purchased some heavy duty furniture sliders for carpet so we can slide the murphy bed easily on the carpet when we want to place it on a different wall. Note that murphy cabinet beds are VERY heavy!  

12 Murphy Beds you can buy online

I found a selection of murphy beds that are available online for you to check out below.

As you are shopping for murphy beds here are some things to look for:

  • Quality of mattress
  • Dimensions of it folded up and pulled out. Ask youself if it will fit well in the space you have in mind for it.
  • Bottom drawer & storage in it.
  • Does it have fold up night tables and USB ports for charging stations? (This is a feature that may or may not be important to you.)
  • Online reviews – are they overall good?
  • Return policy/ warrenty
  • Color/ style/ size – will it fit into your space well and look the way you’d like it to?

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