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Small Bathroom Makeover Reveal

This small bathroom makeover reveal has been a long time in coming. This bathroom is the main one in our house, and obviously bathroom square footage wasn’t much of a priority in 1967. 


Small Bathroom Before & After Makeover Reveal Details

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Updating the Small Bathroom Vanity Area Makeover

When we first moved in, this small bathroom had a small vanity with doors, a built in medicine cabinet, and rustic wood shelves above the toilet. 

Small Bathroom Vanity area with small vanity, built in medicine cabinet mirror, and a dark wood rustic shelf above the toilet.
The small bathroom before had a dark wood rustic shelf above the toilet and outdated tile above the vanity.
White cabinet about a toilet in a small bathroom.
An updated cabinet and fresh coat of paint provided a temporary improvement.

As a temporary fix update, we installed an updated cabinet above the toilet and painted it a fresh coat of paint.

That’s how it stayed for years, until we decided to take the plunge and give it a little spiff up.

Ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

We wanted to incorporate every little trick we could think of to make the room feel larger, brighter, and function better for us.  The old warp-topped vanity and avocado green and gold faux tile was definitely my least favourite feature.

dated bathroom vanity area

After removing the tile and uncovering a few unfortunate discoveries, we ended up putting up a whole new wall and a (now safe) electrical outlet.  Once the major problems were taken care of, we were able to install a sleek new vanity, and white tile backsplash.

New bathroom vanity with small square tiles as backsplash and a white mirror above it with a shelf underneath

We also removed the built in medicine cabinet, added a bigger mirror, and a shelf along the length of the wall.

dated bathroom vanity and tile above it with an old fashioned medicine cabinet for a mirror


small bathroom vanity with toilet beside and a narrow shelf running along the whole wall under the vanity mirror


A shelf installed above the sink and spanning the whole width of the room provides a great storage solution for this small bathroom.

Want some more inspiration for small bathroom storage ideas with farmhouse style? Check out this post. You’ll love the farmhouse shelves about the toilet. And here are 7 more creative small bathroom storage ideas.

small bathroom vanity area with a shelf underneath

Small Bathroom Makeover Tub Area

If I were actually giving you a tour of this room in person, here’s where things would get a bit awkward.  Remember, this is a very small room!  But, it’s ok, squeeze on in by the door and you can see the other side of the room.  Directly in front of the toilet is the tub. This is what it looked like before we started:

tub wall before ps

The tub had the same barker board (that looks like tile) that the vanity did.  I painted the barker board  and the walls (Seasalt color), too.  They’re as happy as a couple of little sea-lovin’ clams now.


We hung an old window and made a shelf to hang above the tub

above the tub shelf 2 ps
vintage curtain ps

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upper view of bathroom ps

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small bathroom makeover reveal with words

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  1. We’re moving into our church’s parsonage in the next few months. We’ve decide to sell our home to be freed from the burden of constant updates. It seems like there’s always a reno that needs to be done. And my health issues keep me from being able to keep up with the few tiny flower beds and yard work that needs attention. The congregation has been lovingly updating the house. Nothing has been done since it was built in the 60’s. They’ve painted the whole house in light, airy neutrals, I chose and refinished the oak flooring throughout. The kitchen has been gutted and a brand new IKEA kitchen will be installed by the end of the month. We are blessed…feeling very honoured and humbled by their care. I was thrilled when they asked for my input. However, the main bathroom is in good shape but needs some charm. Your bathroom reveal has inspired me. I’m definitely going to take your ideas and implement them. Very charming,indeed!

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