Grandma’s Buffet

Beside my desk in the office, nuzzled up against the old brick chimney is my absolute FAVORITE piece of furniture. We drug it all the way up here to Vancouver Island from my childhood farmhouse in Montana.  It’s a precious piece of  family history, and I treasure it so much…

Grandma’s Buffet.

styling the buffet for Spring

My mom told me my grandparents bought it at an auction the year they were married.  Grandma ended up not liking it in her newly built space (years later) and gave it to my mom and dad.

styling a buffet for Spring

It sat in the dining room of the farmhouse all the years I lived there.  It held mom’s fancy china, silverware, and pens and pencils (in the top drawer).

styling a Spring Buffet

The original mirror was missing, and there was a round watermark on the top right hand corner.  Mom always had a chair sitting beside it and the telephone was above.  We used to love to sit on that chair and “listen in” to our party line.  (I’m sorry if you’re too young to know what that is.  You missed out!)

When my mom gave it to us, she asked if we wanted her to refinish it first.

“It would look so much prettier,” she said.

But I assured her that I thought it was beautiful just as it was.  Sometimes the flaws hold the beautiful memories…

P.S.  The Spring styling of the buffet was inspired by this picture from the amazing Liz Marie Blog.

spring buffet styling



I just loved how she made stumps and branches and green mossy things look so amazing!!

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

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