Fashion Over 40~ Dressed for Comfort

In today’s Fashion Over 40 conversation, I wanted to talk about dressing for comfort.  Although I’d like my outfits to look good, it’s also imperative that they feel good, too!

As I’ve gotten older ~ and especially since I’ve started working long days on my feet ~ footwear has become the topic of many conversations.

I’ve tried all kinds and brands, but the flip flops I’m wearing with today’s outfit are hands down my most comfortable pair of all.

Fashion Over 40 ~ Clark's flip flops are so comfortable! | harbourbreezehome


They are Clark’s Brinkley Athol Flip Flops and I’m on my second pair already.

Fashion Over 40 ~ Dressing for Comfort with Clark's Britney Anthol Flip Flops

Unfortunately, I can’t wear them in the camp kitchen where I work (close toed, work safe shoes are required), but I have hiked all over Maui (and even Las Vegas!) in them.  They have a nice soft footbed and good arch support ~ 2 things I look for in the perfect pair of shoes. And (bonus!) they come in a whole variety of different colors.

Perhaps you’re not at the flip flop stage with the weather you live in.  Don’t worry, neither are we…but it’s getting closer every day, isn’t it?

How about you? Do you have picky feet like I do?  If so, what shoes give you the greatest comfort?  Interestingly enough, the comfortable shoes I finally settled on for standing 13 hours in a kitchen is also Clark’s brand.

And, no…I’m not getting paid a cent for saying how awesome they are!;)

I started this once a week Fashion Over 40 schedule with great fear and trepidation.  I’m not used to taking pictures of my outfits and I was scared to “put myself out there” that much!  However, you all have been so kind to me and encouraging with your comments.  Through the amazing technology of Google Analytics, I’ve discovered it is one of the most viewed posts of the week.

So, thank you for your kind  words.

You’re all so pretty ~ from the inside out!

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  1. Rita – oh to live on Vancouver Island and wear flip flops most of the year!!
    I didn’t comment yesterday, but your grandmother’s buffet is beautiful and a wonderful addition to your already beautiful home.
    Sometimes “putting yourself out there” is difficult, but rewarding…good for you! BTW – love your statement necklace! Where is it from?
    Heather B. in Ontario (yes, it’s still snowy and cold!)

  2. I love the Nike Comfort Thong—super comfortable for flip flops. My tennis shoe is Sketchers Go Walk. I find it harder and harder to find something that doesn’t hurt my feet, so I’m willing to pay a bit more for comfort, though I usually have a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s that helps bring the price down!

  3. YES, re picky feet. Hands down: Rieker. Not cheap, but I have spent too much money on shoes that were cheap and hurt my feet and never got worn, so now I buy a few expensive pairs and wear them a LOT. But not just any Rieker’s, the ones with the soft footbed (which is some of the summer shoes, but I don’t think so many of the winter shoes). Oh, so soft. My new pair for summer are these, and they are so wonderfully comfy. They would work for your for the kitchen, not? (I’m in England, and today it’s so cold and rainy here. I’m making chicken soup, not wearing summer shoes, but I had to tell you about them!) Here they are:
    Also Clark’s Unstructured are my other favorites. I pretty much only wear those 2 brands.

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